Deceased Estate Clearance 101: Should You Donate Or Keep The Household Furniture?

Sometimes life can get crowded and cluttered at times. Even though opting for a minimalistic look isn’t for everybody, decluttering once in a while can indeed turn out to be helpful. So, if you haven’t used any piece of furniture for some time and have no plans of keeping it for the future, then it’s better to get rid of the same. 

But, ‘getting rid of them’ isn’t about tossing the furniture inside the dust bin or selling them. It’s about donating them to people around you. There’s no doubt that donating is a great way to not only declutter a deceased estate but also feel good that the belongings will be useful for another person. 

The Different Ways To Donate Your Furniture

  1. Donation To Charities

According to professional services for deceased estates in Melbourne, donating unwanted and unused furniture to charities can be a great idea. You can donate any unwanted sofas, drawers, dressers, beds, lounges and any other viable furniture that you may have. These charitable organizations are primarily dedicated to supporting and assisting those people who are in need. 

There are multiple charitable organisations located in Melbourne that would be glad to obtain your support. All you need to do is to perform some proper research and go ahead with any reputable organisation in your locality. 

  1. Donation To Family Members, Relatives & Friends

Sometimes, you’ll never know who might need your help within your circle of friends, family members and relatives. It can be possible that anyone in your family may need an extra chair, sofa or bed in his or her house. Moments like these are when you need to extend your helping hand and do the best you can to solve their problems. 

  1. Donation To People In Need

If you’re not keen on donating to charitable organizations or your family/friends, but want to help out the needful people directly, then you can proceed to organize an online advertisement for the same. People who are in need will directly contact you and before you donate the furniture, be sure to check the credentials of the person to avoid getting scammed. 

Alternatively, you can also donate directly to the poor people living in and around your locality. 

Some Additional Tips To Remember

  • Don’t donate any furniture if you feel that the item is not worthy to be used anymore. The sole reason for donations is that – it can be used further by another person and if that purpose isn’t served, there’s no use. 
  • Avoid donating any damaged furniture. 
  • If any furniture set doesn’t fit the bill to be reused, then proceed to recycle the same.