Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Floor Plans!

We know you are super excited as you are going to customize and build your own home!  No matter how much time this procedure takes, the end results are always bespoke and wonderful. We hope you love your newly built and decorated home and spend decades here with your family living happily ever after. But do you know what worries us the most while you are in the contemplation stage? It is the mistakes that often happen when building a perfect home. Some of these can be acceptable and you can even adjust with them. But few are totally not acceptable and can throw off your entire plan drastically.

Huge Mistakes in Designing Floor Plans That Should Be Avoided!

Do you know what causes drastic mistakes in your floor plans? It is often the selection of wrong builders for the construction and renovation work! Not all builders in Hamilton, NZ are Dynasty Homes, who are truly experienced and trained in the job of designing fabulous homes that are always perfect. And if you don’t hire such experts, here are some errors that may creep in:

  • Not considering adding an entrance lobby — Some builders don’t think it’s appropriate to include an entrance lobby in the house. But this can be very disturbing, as the people who enter the place will directly step into the living room or dining room or the lounge — which can be a little intrusive to the privacy of the inmates.
  • Not opening enough windows —Windows are very essential parts of any home. The more windows you have in your room, the better sunlight and breeze you get from outside. This makes your home feel very refreshing and welcoming and facilitates better air circulation. But if your builder ignored this and planned for a single window, it blocks cross ventilation.
  • Designing angular walls — Angular walls may look impressive in the decor magazines, but they are very impractical in practical life. And if your builder insisted on these walls in your home, then this is going to disturb you in the coming years. You will feel suffocated as the place looks compact and narrow because of it. Even from the functional aspect of utilising such a space, this concept is very vain.
  • No proper outdoor space —If you only consider the interiors and never gave enough thought to the exterior space, then obviously this is a very huge mistake. Your exterior space can be used for building the garage, swimming pool, garden, and deck — which can be very pleasant parts of your home. And missing these is like taking away the quality of good living from your life and home.

Apart from these, if you built too high or very low ceilings, very compact bathrooms and bedrooms, and never considered the need for ample storage, then these mistakes are going to hamper your lifestyle later. You may need to spend a lot again to incorporate these to your home.