Don’t have a laundry room? Here are some tips to add one!

Don’t you have a laundry room in your home? Well, it’s time to add one! It is actually a very luxurious idea to have an extra room in your home that is only dedicated for your regular utilities like laundry. Not only does this make life simpler and convenient for you, but also increases the value of your home considerably. In short, an addition of a laundry room in your home is a win-win situation in all cases.

Tips to plan a super convenient laundry room in your home!

After reading about the benefits of adding a laundry room to your home, you are surely thinking about doing so. And if you want the right tips and tricks for this, then read on.

  • Think of a suitable place for a laundry room in your place — A laundry room hardly requires more than some square feet in your home. But it should be a space that’s rarely used and slightly secluded from other rooms. You can either select a corner of your hallway or in your basement or even turn your attic into a laundry room. If you have some space to spare in your property in Auckland the house builders from Reef View Construction Ltd can add an extension to your house that you can use as the laundry room. They are a bunch of expert builders who have undertaken dozens of such projects and provided only the best results.
  • Keep the plumbing and electricity lines in mind — Since it is a laundry room, you will also require a perfect plumbing line and electricity in this place. So, it is always better and convenient to add this room near your kitchen or bathroom or any space where there is already existing electricity and plumbing line. But if not, then you will have to call the plumbers and electricians for this job.
  • The right layout — Though you will just be doing the laundry in this room, it doesn’t make sense to crowd everything in this space. Most probably your laundry room is going to be very small. That is why you have to be very wise when choosing the perfect layout for this room. Ensure that you are keeping a separate dry area and wet area in your laundry room so that even if the dry clothes fall on the ground, they are not wet. This also helps in cleaning the room conveniently in the future.
  • Use both vertical and horizontal space of this room— If the area and space of the laundry room is very small, then we would highly recommend you use both the vertical and horizontal spaces. You can hang the drying rack in the ceiling and even build cupboards high up against the wall. For the folding rack, you can make the iron board do a double duty in this situation.

Apart from all these steps, you can also be very wise in choosing an eco-friendly washing machine in your laundry room. These kinds of machines utilize the least amount of power and water and still work absolutely fine.