Easy Diy Projects Using Glade Wax Melts And Plugins

The minute the evening air gets crisper and the subtle smell of fireplaces begin to fill the air, my senses tingle and butterflies grow in my stomach. This is my favorite time of year and the strong urge to bake, craft and cook begins to occur. I have such great memories of my family. My Nana in the kitchen cooking our favorite foods, and my Mom hard at work; she was a crafting commando, I can still smell her glue gun now.

For my Nana holidays meant reminiscing about times with her sisters and usually planning a tamale party. I say party because I can’t think of another word for… you’re going to work hard all day in a hot kitchen, but you will enjoy a delicious tamale at the end of the day… For my Mom, Holidays set her creative juices flowing and it didn’t stop her until Christmas day, she always had scented candles burning.

I believe she is the one that started my love of candles. Like my Mother, I start looking for candles in October, scents that I enjoy and that remind me of Christmas time. Our loca lKroger Kroger who always has an amazing Christmas Aisle, has the new Winter Collection Candles, Wax Melts, and Plugins by Glade. My top three favorites are…

  • Sparkling Spruce
  • Apple Cinnamon Cheer
  • Frosted Cookie Party

Those are just my favorites, but there are a lot more. We have already started baking Pumpkin Bread, Sugar Cookies and more. Crafting is in full swing as well. With crafting supplies in hand, my candle warmer melting a Apple Cinnamon Cheer™ wax melt, we were ready. I tend to add Christmas cheer to just about everything, including our Glade plugins.

For the Plugin Pizzazz project, which the kids can help with, we only need the following supplies:

  • Self Adhesive Magnets
  • Christmas Applicas
  • Glade Plugins
  • Glade Plugin Refills
  • Scissors


  1. Cut the magnet sheet into pieces that will fit on the back of the aplica and one piece to go on the plugin.
  2. Peel paper to expose adhesive backing and attach it to each aplica and one on the glade plugin.
  3. Decide which applica you would like on the plugin for today, plug it in and enjoy the sweet smells of winter.

**Note: I try and sneak in behind them and hot glue the magnet to the aplica because the adhesive may not be strong enough alone. For the Wax Melt Gingerbread Men, here are the supplies you will need:

Glade Wax Melts Self Adhesive Magnets

  • Candy/Craft Molds or Pan with Christmas shapes
  • Oil or non stick spray
  • Candle making Wax


  1. Melt candle wax and the Glade® Wax Melt of your choice. For this project I used Apple Cinnamon Cheer™.
  2. 2. Add a small about of oil or Non Stick Spray to your mold or pan.
  3. Carefully pour into the mold and let cool. It doesn’t take long at all.
  4. After cooling twist the candy mold and the wax shapes will pop right out. For the pan just hold upside down and run a bit of hot water over it. Give it a quick tap and the fall right out.

My Gingerbread Men look creamy because of the type of candle wax I added with the Wax Melt. If you don’t like that creamy to the gingerbread man, just use the wax melts. These and other scented shapes make a great gift or placed all over the house for a fresh happy scent. Are you in the mood to get crafting? You can find these and other Glade products great at your local Kroger. Keep an eye out for coupons in the Sunday newspaper for coupons. You’ll also be able to grab some coupons digitally on coupons.com