Egg And Egg-Derived Foods: Effects On Human Health

One of the fundamental keys to managing an allergy is to understand not just what effect it can have on your body, but also what it is about eggs for example, that causes an allergic reaction to occur. You can of course buy egg-free Hampton Creek products like Just-Mayo so that you are not putting your body at risk from a bad reaction, but it also makes sense to get a good level of comprehension on what you can do to cope without foods like eggs in your diet.

Egg Allergies Are A Common Problem

If you were tasked with listing all of the common food allergies that people can suffer from, eggs are right near the top of the list as a dietary no-no for about 5.5 million people in the U.S alone.One of the reasons why eggs are such a common problem is down to the fact that they feature in so many different recipes and are a versatile food in their own right, providing a source of protein, fat and a number of important nutrients. But if you have an allergic reaction to eggs in some way or another, there are definitely ways to cope without them featuring in your diet.

Which Part Of The Egg Is The Problem?

You might rightly assume that if you are allergic to eggs, it is simply best to avoid them altogether, but before you abandon them completely, it is at least worth trying to establish just what type of issue you have with eggs. Some people just have a complete egg allergy and if they consume any part of a whole egg, they can experience a number of different reactions, varying from a rash developing to serious anaphylaxis, in the most extreme cases. Allergy-type symptoms from consuming eggs can include a swelling of the throat, vomiting or developing a rash on your skin. It could transpire however that you might have an egg white allergy or intolerance, which could mean that you may be able to consume the egg yolk without suffering an allergic reaction.

Egg white intolerance is not classified as an allergy, as it is basically a form of histamine intolerance. This can be confusing for plenty of us, as the reactions you are experiencing would tend to suggest that you are having an allergic reaction, but internally, your body is responding in a slightly different way.It is worth finding out more about histamine intolerance, but you may decide that due to the prospect of cross-contamination between the egg white and the yolk, it may be better to simply avoid eggs altogether, if you experience any sort of allergic reaction to them.

Replacement Binders

There are countless recipes that incorporate eggs as a binding ingredient and anything from a fried chicken coating to whatever you need to stay together when cooking, would normally require an egg to do that job.If you are allergic to eggs that is not an option, so it is a case of finding and alternative ingredient that will act as a binder instead of using eggs. A popular vegan solution to this problem is to use flax seeds. Based on each egg that you need to replace in your recipe, mix 1 part ground flaxseed to 2 parts boiled water. Keep mixing them together until you manage to get a texture that closely resembles what you have with egg whites.

Packing Some Protein

Eggs are renowned for their protein qualities, so you will no doubt want to find a viable replacement.The good news on this front is that there are numerous alternative sources of protein that you can use to get your required fix, without missing out on what eggs would be providing. You could consider keeping a small quantity of ground meat in the freezer,, which you can use as and when required, or salmon, tuna or sardines, will provide you with a protein-packed meal that compares favorably to the omelet you might have been considering if you weren’t allergic to eggs.

Getting Your Nutrients

Eggs are a great source of nutrients, but there are plenty of alternatives to include in your diet instead.Fish and seafood will help to give you the essential fatty acids you find in eggs, and any kind of red meat will supply you with the vitamin B2 found in eggs, along with organ meats like liver, to get your vitamin A you need in your regular diet.Try to find out as much as possible about your egg allergy and if you can’t have them in your diet at all, you can take comfort in the fact that there are numerous healthy and tasty alternatives available.