A perfectly painted home (inside out) isn’t an easy one-day task! There goes lots of preparations and expertise in getting it done right. Especially, if it’s your exteriors! There are so many factors ready to affect your painting and its beautiful look. What you need to do is — take proper care before starting your painting work, appoint a good painter, follow some measures even during the paint job, and a little maintenance for two-three days after the process – all these cumulatively are vital for good looking exteriors.

A beautifully painted exterior adds a distinct charm to your home. Along with increasing the curb appeal of the home, it also makes it tougher against weather damage and increases your home’s resale value. That is why you should be very careful when choosing a roof painting service in Auckland. Absolute plaster services offer an expert hand in painting your exterior perfectly, giving it the attractive facade it deserves to have (not to mention longevity). 

Some Pre-Painting Tasks that Needs to Be Done before Starting to Paint the Exteriors!

A home ready to be painted on the outside needs lots of actions to be taken for the process to happen smoothly. Also, with proper care taken prior to this task, your paint will last longer in its intact condition. Read below some important steps that need to be taken for amazing exterior paint of your house:

  • Wash the Exterior Thoroughly — A dusty and dirty exterior will have some of its effects on the new paint as well. Better to clean it thoroughly before starting to paint. It’s advisable to use pressure washing for the task to clean your roof and exterior walls two or three days prior to the commencement of the exterior and roof painting session.
  • Scrape the Old Paint and Let it Dry Drying the area is important too in order to get a proper finishing. Leave the washed walls for a few days and then start with the painting work. Also, if there’s some old paint residue in the walls or roofs, have it scraped to get a perfect finish later.
  • Application of Caulk before Painting — If there are any open pores in the walls or roof, apply caulk to fill the gaps evenly. It’s always recommended to do the same through professional help, as it impacts the final finishing later. Also, avoid applying the same on ventilation gaps or holes meant for decorative purposes.
  • Do the Needed Repair Work — There can be a lot of cracks on the wall in need of attention — applying paint on it would ultimately lead to cracks appearing later too. Do repair this, or any other serious or minor issue on the wall or roof, before starting to paint the exterior of your house. Even for the roofs, if it shows any leakage issue, make sure to repair the same and then start the paint work.
  • Pest Control — If there are problems related to pests or insects in your house, especially on the roof near the gutter or at the base of the house, ensure to carry out a pest control session before you start the paint. If this process is skipped before painting and done later, there will be huge stain marks on the walls because of the high acidic actions of the pesticides used.
  • Apply Primer First before Painting — Prime all the bare areas of your home with a good oil based primer. This locks the wood and helps in creating a shield from air and moisture.  Even some amount of sanding, especially on the rough bare spots, is best recommended before priming.
  • Trim Nearby Plants and Clear the Area before Applying the Paint — If you have plants growing near your home, trim them so that the painting procedure can be carried out smoothly. This is essential because, if the plants are exposed to paints, they’ll eventually decay because of the chemicals in the paint. Apart from this, if there are other things stuck to the walls, even clearing them is necessary to paint efficiently.
  • Keep Kids and Pets at Bay — Before you start painting the exterior, make sure your pets and kids are strictly instructed not to come near the vicinity when the work starts. If possible, try sending them away for some time. A single paw on the wall or even just a touch of fingertips is enough to destroy the beauty of your walls.

Any home beautification is an investment, and this is especially true in the case of exterior and roof painting. It’s therefore very useful to put in the time to do the needful, taking care of all the necessary prep to make sure of quality home painting. A well-prepared job is guaranteed to look attractive and is more durable than a rushed job.