Should Your Newly Constructed House Require A Home Inspection? Learn More

When you’re purchasing an older home, getting a proper home inspection process done is a must in anybody’s book. But, if you’re buying a newly constructed home, is it necessary to complete a similar inspection process? Yes. 

According to a professional home inspector in Waterville, getting a home inspection done even for a new home can help you uncover issues & flaws in the new construction. It’s the best way through which you can make sure that purchasing a new home will not prove to be costlier in the long term because of any major issue. 

When Should You Get Your New Home Inspected?

Like with any home purchase process, you’ll have the chance to get a home inspection done after you enter the mortgage procedure. If the home is still in the construction phase, then you have the chance to perform the inspection once during the construction and once after the construction has been completed. As a result, you’ll be able to detect any issues both during and after the construction procedure. 

Why Is It Essential To Get A New Home Inspected?

You’ll need an inspection process because even newly constructed homes can have flaws and issues. A home that is being newly constructed will have a large number of people working on the same – from plumbers to electricians, from roofers to carpenters and the like. Therefore, if one of those individuals make a mistake, then it will affect the entire construction process. 

Moreover, cost-cutting measures such as using inferior materials or hiring inexperienced professionals will also lead to problems. 

Thus, from the above-mentioned scenarios, it can be easily seen that a lot of issues can go unnoticed unless a professional home inspector inspects the newly constructed home. And that’s why even a new house needs a thorough inspection.

What Are The Common Problems Found In Newly Constructed Homes?

  1. Window Leaks

Window leaks tend to take place especially if there is improperly installed windows or the windows have defective materials used in them. 

  1. Warped Flooring

There’s no denying that wooden flooring can look great, but if the installation hasn’t been done properly, then the wood can start expanding & contracting. As a result, the wood will get warped. 

  1. Roof Installed Incorrectly

Improperly installed roof or inferior roof materials used during the construction can lead to roof issues. 

  1. Nail Pops

Random nail heads or ends jutting out of the walls, ceilings or floors, can cause severe accidents. 

  1. Drainage Issues

If the drainage system hasn’t been properly laid out, then it can cause serious harm to crawlspaces & basements, inside the new home. 

In case you’re looking to get your new home inspected by our experts, be sure to get in touch with us any time.