Exotic Mask Designs For Kids’ Birthday Parties

Kids love parties because they’re fun, colorful and full of surprises. To make your kids happy and exceed their expectations, why not throw them a masquerade party? This sort of celebration calls for a costume and a mask, which is an excellent opportunity for your child to become his favorite hero or cartoon character at least for one night. Whether they want to be princes, princess or super heroes, ingenious mask designs will certainly make your kid’s birthday party memorable.

Here Are Some Cool Mask Designs For Kids You May Want To Consider:

Back Cat Leather Mask

This may not look like the funniest mask for kids, but it’s certainly enticing. It resembles Cat Woman, so girls in particular will want to wear it. A black cat masquerade mask will mostly appeal to kids fond of cats, and it can work great with an equally inspiring costume. Because the disguise is just too black for a little one, you might want to consider a more colorful and playful costume for the girls. Maybe a pink tutu skirt and some light yellow leggings?

Scary Skeleton Mask

For some reason, kids love to wear scary masks on special occasions like Halloween, masquerades, birthdays and so on. That being said, this incredible skeleton mask and costume will work out perfectly. Suitable for girls and boys, the disguise is quite appealing. However, if your kid is too picky to choose a mask from a store, you can always make a skeleton mask. All you need is proper guidance, a photograph to get inspired from, and lots of imagination. Decide on the size and shape of the mask together with your child.

Painted Masks

Another great way of making your kid happy on his birthday is to throw him a costume party. Rather than opt for full-face masks, why not hire someone to paint exotic masks on their faces? Kids love to have fun, so they’re definitely have the greatest time. Face painting is in trend right now. There are so many artists with the ability to draw genuine works of art on people’s faces, so this is definitely an idea you should be considering for your kid’s birthday.

Super Heroes & Cartoons

Every little kid wants to be a super hero. So why not give them the chance to do so? Organize them a masquerade party and buy them a Batman or a Spiderman mask. They’ll absolutely love it. If your little one is a girl, then a Minnie Mouse mask should do the trick. Since it’s their birthday, let your kids choose and you will become the coolest parent ever. Like all types of parties, the atmosphere, the food, and the music are essential, too. Set up competitions, award kids with candy, and let their creativity shine through.Check out this amazing Captain America costume. It’s absolutely adorable. When they’re small, kids would do anything to save the world, act like super heroes and pretend they have super powers. As a parent, it’s surely a good idea to support that idea. Let your kids use their imagination for good and allow them to be their favorite hero on their birthday.

Feathers, Glitter And Pops Of Color

Parents who would rather create a masquerade mask for their kids’ birthdays and not buy one should pay attention as their little ones may have a lot of demands. Have everything you need prepared in advance, and take suggestions into consideration. Boys would want black and blue feathers while girls will most likely stick to pink, gold and white. As for the type of mask, you are advised to ask them what they want to be. Tigers, cats and felines in general, are highly preferred by both boys and girls. Having a masquerade party for your kids’ birthday will make you the best parent in the world. This type of celebration demands a lot of work, although you’ll certainly enjoy the end result as well. Whether you choose to buy or make a mask for your kid, don’t forget to listen to his demands, too. When they’re small, kids are picky and they will want to wear the most impressive disguise. And since it’s their birthday, an incredible masquerade mask and costume should make the perfect gift.