GIB Stopping in Auckland

Fine Finish Interiors offers professional GIB-stopping services to give your home the perfect finish. To ensure the highest quality work, we offer Level 4 and 5 GIB-stopping to meet your expectations.

Plaster coating is applied to the GIB board to hide imperfections or joins. We use only the best plaster products to ensure strength. To make it easier for you, the project management team works closely with our project management team to ensure that the project meets the highest quality standards. All plastering services are available from the ground up. We also offer patchwork for minor imperfections. All this at a reasonable price.

GIB Stoppers Auckland

We always close to Auckland and the surrounding suburbs. Give us a call for your gib stopping in auckland.

We can repair any wall or ceiling that is damaged or out of date within your budget. The process takes only a few hours and the results will last for years. You’ll see no imperfections; all the crevices and fissures will be filled in and you will have a smooth, new finish.

Why choose us for GIB Stopping

Fine Finish Interiors employs fully qualified and licensed plasterers to provide a Level 4 machine-precision finish. This further ensures superior wallpaper and paint application.

We follow best plastering practices, but we are able to make exceptions for our clients by stopping at their request.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and receive a free price quote based upon the assessment.