Gift Your Driveways a Desirable Design – Try the Latest Trends in Concrete!

Don’t let an ugly driveway snatch away the beauty of your home! If not done right, your driveway has the power to steal the charm of your house and destroy its curb appeal. A clean, colourful and charming driveway is now possible even without the heavy investment needed for bricks, tiles, etc. Concrete can create the magic, and just how!

Gone are the days when driveways always meant bland, dull flooring. Today, with concrete being available in various forms, you can make people go head over heels on your driveway design. And being a budget friendly option, concrete can fit in most pockets. Thus, vibrant looking driveway and concrete floors both can come together and create an exotic outdoor space with the least investments.

How can concrete increase your curb appeal?

So, why do you think concrete is the best for your outdoors? Probably, because it fits your budget and is in the trend! But at the same time, don’t you think following the crowd would be too monotonous? Think out of the box! Think options other than monotones! Get creative with concrete. How? Read on!  

Go colourful — Adding colours doesn’t mean giving your driveway a whole mayhem of rainbow hues! Instead, you can give your driveway a new dimension with a multi-coloured finish. Another idea is to stain your concrete into traditional brick type pattern or any other kind of finish you desire (the textured grains of wood?). And if you are really looking for an attention grabber, mix variants of colours. Speak to experts from Cura Concretes about coloured concrete driveway – they can guide you with a wide range of options and ideas.

Reveal the aggregate — Another splendid idea can be revealing the inner layer of concrete through a chemical surface retarder process. You can even add a layer of crushed seashells and even coloured glass to it. This would result in an excellent, distinct layer on top, making your driveway stand out.

Engrave designs — There are various ways through which you can create your personalised designs on the concrete. Either by sawing, scoring or engraving, you can create geometrical patterns or even customised designs on your driveway. Ever thought of engraving names of all family members on your driveway?

Adding a decorative layer — Sometimes, you already have concrete that’s old or faded. Then, you can consider concrete overlay — just as you put makeup foundation layer on the skin. This can be added when your concrete is stable, but just needs a decorative layer on it.  Get an overlay which will coat the concrete’s surface and you’ll get rid of the discoloured or pitted layer of the previous concrete.

Play with aggregates — When you desire to create a breathtaking driveway, create an amalgamation. Just pick a few cool designs, mix-n-match, and give birth to a fusion of many designs. This wouldn’t just look superb, but would also become another new trend in driveway floorings.

Concretes don’t budge for years! That is why once you install them, accept the fact that you are going to reap the rewards for decades to come! If you have to live with this driveway for a long time, make sure it is a captivating one!