A first-time homebuyer’s guide to home maintenance

Buying a home for yourself is something that gives you a sense of pride in achieving big in life. But most new home buyers in North Carolina are unaware of how much they will have to invest in its maintenance. Regular maintenance gives your newly availed property a value and saves your pocket. Residential home inspections in Hope Mills are one way to ensure that a newly bought property is maintained. Here is a guide for first-time homebuyers that you can go through.

  • Go for a thorough inspection

Before you decide to get a home for yourself, make sure you have a thorough home inspection. This will ensure that all the key areas like the structure of the roof are in good condition and help in minimizing sudden surprises. 

  • Don’t go for the last minute check

When you are planning to do a check on the foundation and other areas of our home, don’t wait for the eleventh hour. Go for the complete inspection before your purchase. By doing so, you can avoid the last-minute rush. 

  • Trim unnecessary tree branches 

Another thing you should ensure while going for inspection is to look out for unnecessary branches that are touching your house or roof. Trim those branches; it will help you save your home from pest infestations.

  • Change your HVAC filters

The next thing you have to focus on is the HVAC filters. Change the filters when needed. Moreover, go on for a gutter cleaning spree. This will help with the maintenance of heating and plumbing in your home. 

  • Do not ignore maintenance

There are some very important places in your home where you should diligently check like rotting wood, damaged pipelines, leaking roofs, etc. Doing so will give you an idea about the building before the situation goes out of your control.

  • Look out for drain blockage 

There are many instances where you might have seen broken branches or leaves blocking the drain causing leaks. If ignored, it can lead to major problems. So make sure to check your drain and other areas of your home that are prone to blockage.

  • Monitor leak-prone edges of the roof

One of the most missed areas when it comes to inspection is the leak-prone edges of the roof. These are the areas where you can find sudden surprises. Ensure that you check the edges of the roof and seal them.


Overall, before you plan to buy a new home, ensure all the important areas are given regular checks. Preferably, get expert help for the same. This will help you to keep your home well maintained for years to come. So get set, go, and do an immediate check of your home to ensure all is well.