Have A Trendy Thanksgiving Style And Makeup Tips To Look Gorgeous

It’s the season to give thanks! While you’re preparing to celebrate with your loved ones, follow these beauty-boosting tips so you can look and feel fabulous.

Get Stunning Skin

Before you even think of applying makeup for the holiday, you need to be sure that your skin is healthy and hydrated. This is especially the case in fall and winter when skin is prone to dryness. Make your own face mask for dry skin by mashing up an overripe banana and applying it your face. Sit with it for about 20 minutes, then wash it off. Your skin will be smoother instantly, which will also make it glow because smoother skin reflects the light more effectively. You should apply a thick, creamy moisturizer to your skin at least twice a day so that your skin can be well hydrated.

Wear Warm Tones

The fall season is punctuated by warm, earthy colours. Bring those into your makeup routine to brighten up your holiday. An easy way to achieve this is to opt for brown and gold tones on your eyelids, a spicy red lip gloss on your lips and a warm peach or rose shade on your cheeks. Use the season’s cosy colour palette as inspiration.

Avoid the Glitz

You might love your shimmery makeup tones, but those are best set aside for more glamorous events. Thanksgiving is a time with loved ones and it’s often celebrated at home so you don’t want to overdo your makeup! This is especially the case if you’re wearing relaxed, casual clothing. Skip the shimmer in favor of matte eye shadow and blush. These will warm you up and provide color without being too harsh.

Keep it Fuss Free

Thanksgiving is also a holiday when you’ll be enjoying delicious meals so you don’t want to have to touch up on your lipstick throughout the day. You probably won’t have lots of time to spend in front of the mirror anyway, so choose makeup tips that are easy to achieve without requiring reapplication.

? Wear waterproof eyeliner and mascara so that you avoid nasty smudges.

? Choose matte eye shadow that doesn’t crease as easily as shimmery shades.

? Wear primer underneath your foundation to set your makeup so that it lasts longer.

? Wear gloss instead of lipstick. When lip gloss fades, it doesn’t leave you with dry lips or unsightly lip outlines.

Let Your Jewelry Come Alive

The fall colors don’t only make your face sparkle but they can be a great way to bring color to your jewelry choices, too. When wearing jewelry, don’t be afraid to work the statement pieces, such as a large necklace or pretty cuff. Be sure that your choices are practical, though, especially if you’re cooking or serving dishes as you don’t want your gorgeous pieces to get in the way. So, you might choose large earrings instead of rings that are more prone to getting scuffed. An easy way to bring a bit of glamour into your fall fashion is to wear a pretty necklace diamond pendant in an interesting shape, such as a heart or pear. Pendants match anything you’re wearing but they also make you feel special – and you should be feeling that on such a sentimental holiday.

Layer Your Clothing

If you’re going out or staying in, it can get chilly so layers are a practical way to protect your body against the cold while giving you a chance to remove some clothing if it gets too warm. Layering is a big fashion trend but make sure that you do it in style. The layers you’re wearing underneath should be figure-flattering so that you accentuate your shape and avoid looking frumpy. You should also experiment with different textures so that you create a stylish layered mix. Don’t forget to throw in some beautiful fall color, such as rich tones of burgundy, orange or red.

Be Food- and Child-Friendly

You’re around a lot of food and probably children, too. That means you should watch what you wear to avoid fashion catastrophes. Choose clothes in darker colors that won’t reveal stains (like that delicious cranberry sauce) and that are easy to clean. Avoid low-cut tops or uncomfortable shoes, especially if you have to run around after little ones. When wearing darker colors, bring them to life by choosing prints. These are a great way to add a touch of color and pattern to your classic pieces. Getting ready for Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a time-consuming affair. There are easy tips to follow so that you can look and feel great while you’re having a wonderful time.