Help For New Parents Ways To Make Life Easier After Baby Arrives

Bringing a new baby home can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. Feelings of joy over your newborn go hand-in-hand with drooping eyelids, drained energy, and heightened emotions. Here are a few ways to make daily life easier during the first few months of caring for a baby.

Consider a Food Delivery Service

Food delivery services like Blue Apron and Grub Hub specialize in local, healthy, and delicious meals. For frozen meals, consider Schwan’s, who can deliver items packed in freezer bags with dry ice. Other great meal and grocery delivery services include AmazonFresh, FullCircle, Freggies, and Peapod. 

Hire a Housekeeper

Ask friends and family members to recommend a good housekeeper. You can also hire a professional cleaning service like Facebook groups can serve as a useful tool for connecting with new moms in your area and getting personal suggestions and reviews. Or try a forum like Circle of Moms, which has over 5,000 members who are happy to share their advice on anything parenting related.

Use a Laundry Service

Many new moms are unprepared for the extra lads of laundry that come with caring for a newborn. Who wouldn’t want to have an extra pair of hands around during this time to help with sorting, washing, and folding clothes? Professional laundry services aren’t cheap — Chicago’s Please Do My Laundry charges $1.86 per pound of laundry — but they are worth every penny you’ll pay to have your Baby clothes manufacturer picked up, washed, folded, and brought back to your home.

Have it Delivered

Avoid mall parking and long lines by having items delivered to your home. Here are a few popular subscription services to try:

The Honest Company – Sells eco-friendly household and personal care products. Have diapers and wipes delivered for $79.95 per month, or order a cleaning or personal care essentials subscription for $35.95 per month.

Lalaalu – Offers a survival kit for first-time parents.

Supplet – Sells a “new mom” box, which includes all-natural items for mom and baby. Suppletive has two subscription options: $39.99 for one month or $29.99 for three months.

Escape Monthly – For $49.95 per month, Escape Monthly will send you luxury personal care products from around the world. Escape Monthly would make a great gift for the first-time mom who needs a little pampering.

Cotton Booty – Delivers cloth diapers, accessories, and fun bonus items monthly for $24.99 per month.

Eccentric Mom – Offers natural and organic products for mom and baby. Subscription cost is $24.99 every other month.

Little Pnuts – Sends a quarterly delivery including up to five toys for your baby. All toys are age-appropriate, eco-friendly, and designed to help your child achieve his or her milestones.

Little Pnuts charges $240 per year (4 quarterly boxes).

Invest in Personal Care Services

Now is the time to use up those Groupon deals for massages, facials and other personal care services. Even better, have a professional come to your home to perform the service. There’s no better way to spoil a new mom than an in-home spa treatment.

Buy Yourself Some Sleep

Not getting enough sleep between all of the night wakings, feedings, and diaper changes? Buy some. A night nanny or doula can come with a hefty price tag — some charge as high as $200 per night — but the extra sleep you’ll get is priceless. Postpartum doulas may work as little as a few hours a week, or they may work full-time day or night shifts. Night nannies come to your home in the late evening and care for the baby throughout the night so you can rest. Dona International provides a database of doulas who have completed a special certification process. For night nannies, check or Expect to pay a higher price for a professional Newborn Care Specialist who has been certified by the NCSA.

Get Out of the House

As a new parent, one of the simplest and best things you can do to take care of yourself is to spend time outside of the house. New parents can become isolated if they don’t make an effort to go out. Go shopping, take a walk in the park, or have coffee with a friend. Taking an hour to yourself every now and then will allow you to relax, refresh, and recharge. Taking care of a newborn is hard work, so taking care of yourself is a must. The above tips will help you find some relief during the first few weeks of caring for baby. Steven Lee is the Co-Founder and CTO of Fuss Pte Ltd.

He graduated from Nanyang Technological University in 2011 with an Honors degree in Physics. During his college days, due to the need for programming on his research and assignments, Steven became intrigued with coding and soon was commended by his professors for grasping coding and programming concepts quickly. He then found his calling in the startup scene and co-founded a fledgling Singapore based startup – Jobkred and assumed the CTO role in the startup. Steven then co-founded Fuss Pte Ltd as he saw the potential value in the hygiene and hospitality-tech industry – bridging human delivered services with technology, then utilizing data to anticipate, and provide a strong service experience. Steven declares Elon Musk and Steve Jobs as his personal heroes and enjoys percussion and nature walks in his free time.