Home Inspection During Covid: Guides and Tips

Home inspections have always been a dreaded step in the process of property purchase. As such, you will find a buyer, the real estate agent, and seller, too (sometimes) in an inspection. However, when COVID-19 hit us early this year, how things work has changed, and home inspections are no different. 

Home Inspection During Covid

When it comes to home inspections Cambridge buyers and agents have had to get creative. Regardless, the need for and things checked during the examination remains the same even during the times of coronavirus. Without further ado, here are the five ways in which home inspections have changed. 

Basic Precautions

During the pandemic, we have learned to be more hygienic in our daily lives. We frequently sanitize our hands and wear masks when we step outside. This applied to home inspections, as well, with buyers and inspectors expected to follow them. Norms like social distancing are also an addition to the process; people present need to maintain an appropriate distance.

Fewer People

Aside from the necessary regulations is the restriction on the number of people during an inspection. A home inspection is usually a crowded process with inspectors, buyers and their families, homeowners, and real estate agents present. However, COVID-19 has limited this number. Now, homeowners are required to not be there, and buyers need to restrict their numbers. Agents are not even required to be present for the inspection. 

Empty Houses

Another creative way agents and buyers are ensuring a safe home inspection is by making sure the house was empty 24 hours prior. This makes sure that everyone involved is protected from a potential spread. Furthermore, the hands-on process now has a limit on touching surfaces to avoid contamination. 

Virtual Tours

As mentioned previously, there is now a limit on the number of people who can be there. Those missing out can participate via virtual tours and inspection. Inspectors and real estate agents usually do this for buyers who live far away from the inspected house. However, this practice is increasingly common during these times with buyers and their families. 

Coronavirus Leeways

The last change in the home inspections work is on what happens afterward. If the report mentions repairs, buyers need to prioritize the significant ones over cosmetic issues. Moreover, some purchase contracts are even offering sellers more time to fix the problems. Meanwhile, more buyers are getting home repair insurance covering repairs unidentified by the inspector for extra assurance. 


Home inspections are key to property purchase. However, they are not mandatory and are done for the buyer’s confidence. Therefore, how the work has changed during the pandemic. From limiting the crowd and surface touch to conducting virtual tours, inspections have evolved during these times to ensure safe practices.