Home Repair: How To Fix Kitchen Cabinets

Seems like no matter where we have lived, there have always cupboards and cabinets with falling shelves.   Here is an easy and affordable Home Repair for fixing Kitchen Cabinets.

Maybe it was the lack of space from our missing shelves or the flying coffee cup the abruptly smacked me in my skull, but it was high time we gave up on those little shelving pegs.  Problem is all the wholes are to large and the clips are slipping out.  So in ordered to reclaim the space in our cupboards, we didn’t mess around we bought Nuts and bolts.  I know high class right?  But at least these shelves aren’t falling on my head any more…

Here is how we set ours up…

First we took a count of the number of and style of shelves that were completely missing or falling.  We had six shelves of various sizes that were either falling or missing.

The next thing to consider is the types of bolts you will needs.

  • Bolts that go all the way through to support both sides. We used 2 1/2?
  • Bolts that go into the wall.  We used 1 1/2?
  • We had one shelf that the bolts would be visible so we bought screws that would look nice.
  • Remember to get double the nuts.  They will help support and keep both sides even.

Here are the different shelves and bolts we used to fix our cupboards.  This one went through to both sides. This is the inside look of the shelf that is visible from the outside and only supports one shelf.  Unfortunately we couldn’t find the exact size of a bolt that would look good.  We bought  red/copper colored screws which were a bit smaller.  This is fine, by using the original sized nut next to the red/copper nut the shelf stayed level. Here is our completed shelf.  One was missing so my son grabbed the Dremel and came to my rescue.  Look at all that storage, before our top shelves weren’t usable.