How To Build A Raised Garden Box

I always considered myself somewhat of a green thumb until we moved into our house. We can’t grow anything in our back yard not even grass, it’s disappointing to say the least. Growing up, I would start a garden on the first day of summer. I really wanted to grow a garden with the kids and teach them how to care for it. That is when we decided to build our own raised garden box, a garden we can have more control the environment including fresh soil. There are some really nice ready to assemble garden boxes available, but you know me… I don’t like to spend money if I don’t have to. We had some wood plywood left over after our trailer project. We decided on two 4×4 garden boxes would be enough for our first attempt.

Supplies Needed per Garden Box:

Electric Drill, Pencil and a Dremel Saw Max were also help for us.  We measured out where the cuts where need and my two oldest kids got busy cutting the wood for me. After all the wood was ready we began prepping the area and assembling the box.  Our little side area there is full of rocks so we raked a squares slightly larger than the size of our boxes. Here is our first garden box getting assembled.  We began with a small pilot whole before fastening the plywood to the 2×4.  These didn’t take long at all to assemble.  Notice the younger kids supervising their big brother. You can finish your boxes to help keep the from splintering from the watering and weather. 

I had a spare can of paint just sitting around and the kids were more then happy to paint the outside of the garden box. Here is our garden boxes ready for the next step.  We pushed the displaced dirt and rocks on the outside of the boxes for added support.  Before any soil is added be sure to add something to block the weeds from coming up.  We always have spare boxes, we decided to flatten them and add them to the bottom of the garden box.  (It worked perfectly)16 bags of various soil later…  Here is our garden box with beautiful fertile soil awaiting its seeds.  The little girls really liked mixing up the dirt with me.

Next on the list of things to do is

  • Deciding on what to plant
  • Deciding which box to plant them in
  • Deciding which plant will do well together