How To Make A 3D Book Cover

Every once in a while one of the kids come to me with a look of panic in their eyes.  “Mom, my book report is due tomorrow!”  My daughter had done all her research on the tropical rain forest and all the written word part of her report was done. What was left?  A cool 3D Book Report back covers with visual elements of the tropical rain forest design. The problem with last minute projects, other then being stressful, is getting the ideas of supplies needed.  Being that this was last minute and I try very hard to reuse items in the house.  

How to Make a 3d Book Cover

We Went On The Hunt And Found The Following Supplies:

  • Box or Foam board –  I sacrificed my best white foam board I use for blank backdrops.  A box would work just as well.
  • Tissue Paper –  We save gift bags and tissue from all our parties.
  • Elmer’s Glue –  We have at least 5 of these at one time.
  • Paper towel rolls
  • Thread

So Let’s Get Started.

1.Score, cut and tape your foam board to look like a display.You can also cut the flaps on top of the box.

2. Decide on your background color, ours was green. Place a good amount of glue on one side, spread glue around and add your tissue paper.  I think it is important to spread around otherwise you see just strands behind the paper. Which I suggested, but I guess she needed to see the difference herself.Here is what it looks like when we don’t spread the glue. Afterwards, she agreed I was right and spread it out for the rest of the walls.

3.Wet a paper towel roll and peel it apart. My daughter wet it one more time and cut it in size so she could shape it like a Kapok Tree. She used cotton balls to help hold the tree’s rounded shape.

4.Next she wanted to make the top of the 3D display look like the canopy of a rain forest. So she sewed long strands of thread over the corner to hang green tissue too look like leaves and tree tops.

5.It was time to create a flower found in the rain forest called Heliconia. We didn’t have yellow so she decided to use green and red.Wrap the cotton balls with the layered tissue paper and twist all the way to the end. Add each flower bud to a red twisted strand of  tissue paper.This will be hung from one of the strings along the top of the box.Sorry this was a bad picture but that is just how busy we were.You can see she added an additional free template of tree, waterfall and animals templates.