How To Use Brick Masonry For Interior Design

Brick – one of the most traditional building materials in our latitudes. Recently, it is increasingly used as a decoration: the designers to fully rasprobovali its rich artistic possibilities. The variety of shapes and colors can create a unique interior, as a deliberately brutal, and, conversely, a cozy and very warm. Brickwork in the interior it’s always very expressive element, the trump card in the deck designer, you want to play correctly. With this invoice, you can create image of a medieval castle, chalet, now housing a popular type of loft, or even the interior in the style of hi-tech. Of course, these ideas are implemented quite differently in terms of planning the home, that is, the layout of some rooms, and in terms of finishes, inclutreatment and brick surfaces.Brick Masonry Interior Decoration Ideas

One option to leave the brick walls and partitions in their original form. When it comes to homes rather advanced age, we suggest clearing laying of plaster and repair. You’ll see, these walls will literally breathe history. Of course, a certain brutality in this case can not be avoided.

If you want more softness in the interior, a good compromise can be considered the next option:

masonry covered with a thin layer of white plaster that allows you to save a characteristic texture. 

Incidentally, this wall provides an extremely rich possibilities for decorating the interior:

 it may be the perfect backdrop for the classics, and ethnic music, and minimalism.Brick masonry with a thin layer of white plaster Art historians generally believe that a more ideal backdrop for artifacts than the masonry, it is difficult to find.Coarse texture emphasizes graceful shape and smooththe surface of objects, including picture frames and “rolled” in a glass photo-posters. No less impressive is against this background look shabby vintage or artificially aged things.Designer, you can also suggest not to hang overall picture on the wall and just put them on the floor, casually leaning against the cold brick surface: on the one hand, it will if you want to quickly change the “scenery” rooms, and on the other will give the interior an intriguing interior with a brick masonry

As for furniture, of course, not every headset will feel cozy next tothe brutal brick surface. But at same color palette “brick” interior can be both a contrast and soft. So, next to the covered with white plaster walls will feel perfectly bright furniture and works of pop art, and tucked to the natural brick complex muted shades can be achieved less effectively in tones, but more subtle stylistic decision on the overall interior.

Of course, not every brick is suitable for use in the interior.Thus, ordinary, or construction, even guest can have an uneven rough surface, spalling and uneven color. Much more suitable option clinker bricks. Produced in a wide range of sizes, textures and colors, including antique. As a finishing material is commonly used face brick, the surface is practically free from defects, and the dimensions and geometry are kept with great accuracy.This brick is smooth and textured, artificially aged, as well as cuts.floor tiles clinker bricks

In general, it would be a great mistake to the traditional reddish brown hue theonly color of brick. Colours brick diverse:

ranging from white to dark colors. There are yellow, apricot, and even colored bricks. It is now available, and special grout various shades of brick masonry. Thickness, color and structure of the solutions is also essential for its appearance, in fact, that by varying the thickness and color of the joints, sometimes you can create a truly unique interior. In conclusion on how to properly care for the brick wall that has become part of your interior. Yes, the brick material just seems extremely strong and eternal. In order to permanently retain decorative masonry, it is first necessary to protect against humidity and temperature changes. In this case, we must understand that high humidity, due to which the brick darkens and begins to collapse, threatening him not only in the bath, basin or kitchen, but due to poor waterproofing of external walls or leaks that occur in our homes, alas! that quite often.