Is it safe to pressure wash vinyl siding?

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Vinyl siding is a common feature on Long Island. The question is, can vinyl siding be pressure washed?

You can pressure wash vinyl siding. It would be best if you kept these things in mind:

  • Low pressure
  • Use the finest detergent
  • A good pressure washer
  • The right angle for pressure washing

This job is best left to professionals, considering how many things you need to track. Pressure washing is a great way to protect your home.

Let’s take a look at the basics of pressure washing vinyl siding.

Use a pressure washer.

Although pressure washers can seem intimidating, there is no reason to be afraid! It is very simple to use pressure washers on vinyl siding. Use a lower pressure setting to ensure water does not get behind the siding or cause damage.

Pressure washing vinyl siding is best done at low pressure. Then, adjust the pressure as necessary. Use the best detergent after that. Use only the best detergent. These things can cause damage to vinyl siding.

A washer with low pressure can be used if you have a single-story house. A gas-powered washer will be more powerful and reach higher places if your home has two stories. An extension wand can also extend your reach from the ground so you can reach the second floor more easily.

Pressure washing can be a great solution when vinyl siding is damaged, full of algae or just plain dirty.

About detergent

Water alone will not clean as well as a combination of detergent and soap. A pressure washer detergent is essential if you want to do the job right. Most pressure washers have an injector, which allows you to mix your detergent into the jet stream.

The most important aspect of a pressure washer is detergent.

A word of caution

Only purchase products that can be used with pressure washers. The label will indicate this. It might not be approved if it isn’t environmentally friendly.

Use the detergent

Use low pressure to apply the soap and water mixture using overlapping, smooth strokes. You should start at the top and work down to the bottom. Otherwise, the areas you have cleaned will become dirty again. Spraying randomly can cause you to miss some spots.

A high-pressure sprayer is recommended for multi-story houses. Low-pressure soaps are not recommended for most washers. Using a kit, you can spray soap up to 25 feet with high pressure.

A kit is a great way to reach those difficult-to-reach areas.

Brush with a toothbrush

You can use a utility or rotating brush to clean your home if it has been a while since you last cleaned it. Attach the brush to your wand. It will foam up and create a soap solution as you clean.

Let it soak

Relax and let the detergent do its job. Keep an eye out for any signs of mold or mildew on vinyl siding. If it is all dried out, it won’t work as well.

Start at a distance.

It’s now time to wash it all off. It would be best to always use low pressure when washing your pressure washer. You could damage vinyl siding and accidentally spray water onto walls if you try to start too close. Both scenarios spell disaster!