Essential Things To Keep In Mind For Your Office Moving Checklist

There’s no doubt that staying organized is the only way to make your office a success. This is because proper organization saves a lot of time & headache. Even though you’re well-experienced to multitask, just like any other office manager, having a checklist can assist you in easing up your workflow and keeping things on track. 

Therefore, in this comprehensive guide, we have created an ideal checklist of all the essential things that you need to consider for your upcoming office moving project so that you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Checklist For Your Office Moving Process

  1. Always Make A Shared Moving Folder For Storing Documents

According to reliable office removalists in Brisbane, the first step that you have to perform before you start your moving process is to organize all office documents properly. Ensure that you collect all documents and place them in a single file cabinet folder properly. 

In case you need multiple file cabinets, then proceed to use them as well. But, don’t leave any office document unattended because it can be important for your company and/or your employees.

  1. Proceed To Let Your Employees Know About The Moving Process

It’s suggested that you involve your employees in the relocation process as well. Avoid notifying your employees via email and do so by phone calls or in-person. This is because emails are more suited for less formal communication. 

Letting your employees know about the move via face-to-face meetings or phone/video calls, can help you discuss the move better. Moreover, you’ll be able to make your employees enthusiastic due to the personal touch of meetings or phone/video calls, rather than emails. 

  1. Get A Rundown Of Your Office Inventory

Proceed to obtain a proper rundown of your office contents such as equipment, furniture, and other furnishings items. Then you have to assess whether those items will be suitable to be used inside your new office space. 

In case you don’t need an item, never hesitate to donate, sell or even recycle the respective object. Knowing the amount of office inventory that has to be moved beforehand will help you get an accurate quote from the office moving company that you’ll be hiring.

  1. Walkthrough Your Current & New Office With Your Hired Office Movers
  • Current Office

Giving your hired office movers a walkthrough of your current office will help them get an estimation regarding the number of trucks & supplies required for the moving process. Moreover, they can make ideal arrangements for moving extra heavy items, artworks and more. 

  • New Office

Giving your hired office movers a walkthrough of your new office space will assist them to get a proper understanding of the floor plan and what they can expect on the actual moving day. 

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