How to Keep Your Carpet Looking Great During a Move?

Moving to a new location can take a toll on your belongings. From your fragile valuables to upholstered furniture, transportation can lead to significant damage. However, if you have been cautious and ensured safe transport, then Kudos to you, my friend!

Well, the real challenge begins now- ensuring high-maintenance of your carpets. Moving in a new property allows you to start anew and leave your carpet-related mistakes in the past. 

With that thought, here is a brief guide that will help you keep your carpets looking clean and serving you for longer. Read on!

How to Protect Carpet When Moving

1. Clean it Thoroughly

A carpet can be a perfect site for disease-causing bacteria to create their lair and make your family sick. However, it can be avoided with a thorough cleaning. If the carpet fabric allows, then take it outside and beat it well with a stick to get rid of the dust. Later, you can clean it with dry shampoo and vacuum cleaner to give it a tidy look. 

2. Vacuum Everyday

To make sure that the process mentioned above lasts long, vacuum your carpets every day. With kids, pets and careless guests, there is a lot that your rugs have to face daily. With regular vacuuming, you will be able to get rid of food crumbs and dust particles.

3. Invest in Reliable Cleaning Tools

Aside from a carpet cleaner and a stick, invest in more carpet cleaning equipment that will help ease out the process for you. Dry shampoo can be used once in a while for deep-cleaning, but a carpet cleaning solution can be used every few days for regular surface cleaning. 

4. Keep Your Kids and Pets Away From It

Will you be vacuuming your carpets before packing them? Well, we hope you do, and so it’s best to keep them out of your pet and kids’ reach. Such troublemakers can further exploit the condition of the rugs. Consider packing your carpets way before other belongings to avoid any further damage to the fabric. If you have time on your hand with the move, then follow the first or the last point before storing the carpets away. 

5. Hire Specialists to Your Aid

If you are out of time and sorts, then hire the specialists of carpet cleaning in Christchurch to help you with this crucial task. They are equipped with the latest tools and are skilled in their work, making them a sensible choice for the job. If your carpet is extremely filthy, then get it cleaned a few days before moving and wrap it up for transportation. This way, you’ll have a freshly cleaned carpet ready to be installed in your new home. 

See, it wasn’t that difficult, right? A little precaution and proactive cleaning can go a long way and save you the hassle of purchasing brand new carpets. If you don’t want such a dent on your already suffering pocket, follow these tips and share it with others in need too.