Kid’s Computer Health Tips All Parents Should Use

Whether you like it or loathe it, modern technology is a wonderful thing. It can help us stay connected, gives us endless sources of information and enhance our knowledge and creativity. Computers and tablets have started making their way into homes and schools around the world as an aid to our children’s learning. While they might be happy to spend hours researching and playing online, too much time in front of a screen can be detrimental to your kid’s health. So to continue to keep your children healthy while using a computer, use these tips to help you.

Protect their eyes

Eyestrain is one of the biggest problems your child will experience when sat in front of a screen. This can be due to lack of light, an out of focus screen or sitting too close. You understandably will want to protect your child’s eyes as best you can. You also want to prevent them from getting symptoms such as headaches, sore eyes and moments of blurred vision. Always make sure the location of the computer or laptop is well lit with numerous light sources. You could also upgrade your screen and adjust the brightness setting to reduce glare and over brightness. You may also want to consider taking your child for an eye test to see if they could benefit from wearing contact lenses or glasses. Some of the most popular contact lenses and glasses suppliers have products that have anti-glare and distortion. This makes them ideal for children when using the computer. Ask your optician for more details.

Check their posture

Bad posture is another thing you need to keep an eye on when your children are using a tablet or laptop. Look at how your child sits when using the device. Are they sat up straight or sitting in an awkward position? Even sitting awkwardly on a sofa when using a tablet can be damaging to their spine. It can also cause joint and muscle pain and encourage poor blood circulation. So if your child is continually sat in a slumped or uncomfortable way when using a computer, you need to help them change. Invest in a comfortable chair which can be easily adjusted. Also, consider the positioning of the keyboard and screen on the desk or worktop. Are they too far away or too close? This could be a reason why they are sitting uncomfortably. Also, make sure they keep both feet on the floor and use a footrest if they cannot reach.

Reduce their time online

While it’s good to encourage your children to use computers, you also don’t want them to spend all their time using one. Try to limit the amount of time they use the device for by introducing them to a new outdoor sport or activity. It’s vital that you keep your children active to reduce the risk of obesity and joint problems. You should also encourage them to socialise and play with other kids. This will keep them fit but also improve their social skills.