Top Kitchen Ceiling Designs That You’d Want To Use For Your Kitchen Renovation Project

There are indeed multiple ways you can create a kitchen that can make a bold statement. But, to make one, you need to take inspiration from some source, which is why we’re to provide you with the same. Most of the time, homeowners overlook their kitchen ceilings during renovations, thereby not understanding their potential. 

Therefore, to help you create a beautiful-looking kitchen, we have formulated a list of some of the most brilliant kitchen ceiling designs that you can take a look into, for your upcoming kitchen renovation project.

Ideal Kitchen Ceiling Designs To Opt For

1. Kitchen Ceiling Designs With Partial Detailing

In case you have large kitchen space and thereby want to create a proper separation between certain areas of your kitchen, then this ceiling design can be your choice. This design is also great for those homeowners who are on a strict kitchen renovation budget. 

The primary idea here is to simply detail a small portion of the kitchen ceiling – such as designing the ceiling that’s only covering the dining space. 

When you choose to design a small area of your kitchen ceiling, you’ll be able to save money on labor & materials, while also generating some visual interest inside your kitchen for your guests. Furthermore, your kitchen will be able to obtain a unique feel. 

Even though wood is a very popular material to choose for kitchen ceiling designs, tin tends to be eye-catching and uncommon as well. When you use the tin to decorate a small portion of your kitchen ceilings, you’ll be able to make an impact without being too overwhelming. 

However, if you want uniqueness but don’t want a bold look like using tin, you can use beadboard instead. Beadboard will provide you with a proper texture, style, and color. You can even paint the beadboard in your preferred choice of color. 

2. Kitchen Ceiling Designs With Wood Beams

There’s no denying that beams help in offering structural support, but they can also help in making your kitchen look beautiful as well. If you’re planning to use beams for your kitchen ceiling designs, make sure that you keep the same look throughout the entire kitchen, otherwise, the kitchen space will look awkward. 

Moreover, when using beams, don’t forget to reconfigure your kitchen cabinets as well, because you have to place your kitchen cabinets based on the alignment of the wooden beams. 

In case you have an open floor plan inside your home, you can also extend this ceiling design look to other parts of your home. But, do remember that additional wooden beams for the rest of your house can be expensive. So, think before you go ahead with a full-house makeover, or just stick to the kitchen space for now. 

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