Know About The Optimum Frequency Of Roof Cleaning

While you may love enjoying all four seasons throughout the year, your home’s roof will never be able to do the same. This is because your roof is susceptible to fungi & mold growth due to changes in weather conditions. As a result, the growth of mildew, moss, lichen, and algae will wear out the material of your roof shingles, allowing rain & snow to accumulate and thereby leak into your home interiors. 

So, how often should you clean your roof with the help of professional roof cleaners in Gold Coast? Truthfully, the answer depends on multiple factors that greatly affect the condition of your roof, which is why it’s essential to fully understand those factors first. 

What Are The Factors That Affect The Condition Of Your Roof?

The major reasons why your roof looks dirty & covered in moss are:

  • The presence of excess moisture promotes fungi, moss and bacteria growth. 
  • Any type of structural damage on your roof allows water to seep underneath your roof tiles or shingles.

The causes for the above-mentioned two reasons are:

  • Heavy Rainfall

When water tends to accumulate on your roof from heavy rainfall, it helps in creating a moist environment for moss, bacteria, and fungi to grow. So, after you experience rainy winters, you’ll start to notice a lot more fungus & moss growth on your roof than usual. 

Thus, the amount of rainfall that you receive throughout the year will play a major role in your roof cleaning frequency. If the rainfall amount is higher, then you have to make sure that you clean your roof often, so that you can stop any growth of moss, fungi, bacteria & algae on your roof. 

  • Too Much Tree Canopy

If you have a home that’s nestled under large trees, then you have to be wary of the moisture that trees bring onto your house roof. While trees may keep your home cool during the summer and sometimes even enhance the value of your property. But, it also means that you have to perform roof inspections & cleaning frequently. 

  • Falling Debris & Leaves From Nearby Trees

In case you notice that too many tree leaves and debris are accumulating on your roof, then you must clean your roof often. This is because when tree leaves & debris cover your roof, they also tend to trap moisture, which makes it easy for moss, fungi, and algae to grow faster. Ultimately, roof leaks will take place and thus you’ll need to perform expensive repairs. 

Hence, if you’re on the lookout for reliable roof cleaners around you, don’t forget to contact our specialists today. We’re ready to assist you at any time, without any hassle.