Know The Significance Of A Proper Home Inspection Contract

One of the major reasons why a home inspection contract exists in the first place is to create the terms, conditions, and scope of the home inspection procedure. Doing so helps not only the home inspector but also the customer along with any other party who is involved in the same. No surprises mean no disappointments and the process will be carried out effortlessly. 

Having a home inspection contract also provides you, as a home buyer, with proof of the task that is to be carried out by the home inspector. So, in case of any deviation from the terms & conditions, you can refer to the contract easily and avoid any lawsuits in the process. To help you learn more about the home inspection contract, we have created this comprehensive guide that you should go through in its entirety. 

Knowing The Scope Of The Home Inspection Task

According to professional services for a home inspection in Fredericksburg VA, most homeowners or home buyers out there carry out a home inspection process for the first time in their lives. So, if you’re one of them who has no clue about how home inspections take place and the points of interest the procedure covers, then the contract will help you in explaining all you need to know about the same. 

The same can be said about the home inspector as well because he or she will have the chance to define the boundaries of the inspection process. So, it’s advantageous for both parties.

Protecting The Home Inspector From Any Liability

A home inspection contract also serves as a document to deny the liability of the home inspector against unreasonable or unfair claims. The home inspector, just like the rest of us, is a human and does not have the superpowers to detect every other fault present in a home. For example, a home inspector will not know whether a vinyl flooring is containing asbestos or not, unless the vinyl flooring is destroyed and then inspected. Similarly, a home inspector cannot predict when and how a home appliance would malfunction.

Therefore, to protect the interests of the home inspector, creating an inspection contract is essential. 

What Are The Things That A Home Inspection Contract Should Include?

A genuine and proper home inspection contract should include the following set of clauses:

  1. The contract should be signed by both the home inspector & customer and any changes will require the consent of both parties.
  2. Any invalid portion of the contract shouldn’t render the entire contract void. 
  3. A reasonable time frame should be provided to the customer to report any discrepancies after the inspection has been concluded.

And that brings us to the end of our extensive guide. We hope you enjoyed our suggestions and for any additional assistance, do contact us any time.