Knowing The Effects Of Different Types Of Weather On Your Roof

If you’re a responsible homeowner, then you should learn to take care of your house’s roof. The roof forms the most crucial component of your home because it protects your entire house from the external weathering elements of planet earth. 

But, do you know the impact that each weather condition can have on your house’s roof? Well, now you’re about to find out via this comprehensive guide so that you can take necessary precautions beforehand. 

The Varying Effects Of Weather On Your Roof

1. Heat

  • Brittle & Cracked Roof Tiles

According to professional service providers for roof painting in Auckland, tiles tend to have a protective layer that prevents any damage by the harmful UV rays of the sun.  But, over time, this protection wears off and the UV rays can make the tiles brittle. Brittle or cracked tiles will not protect your home from wind or rain.

  • Contraction & Expansion Of The Roof

Thermal expansion will take place when the temperature quickly changes from hot to cold & cold to hot. Due to thermal expansion, your roof will continue to expand during the day & contract during the night. As a result, your roof can start buckling and cracking, eventually damaging the entire roof. 

  • Mould, Condensation & Wood Rot

It should be known that any presence of high humidity will naturally cause condensation in your roof cavity. The issue can be aggravated if your roof has poor ventilation. Trapped condensation will directly lead to wood rot and mold infestation, thereby damaging your roof over time. 

2. Rain

  • Roof Leaks

Even a small, tiny crack in your roof can lead to a leak for rainwater to get in and damage your home’s interiors. Roof leaks generally occur due to cracked tiles, loose roof flashing, and enlarged fastener holes. 

  • Blocked Roof Gutters

Not cleaning your roof gutters can cause blockages for rainwater to seamlessly pass through. Blocked roof gutters will not only damage your roof but also redirect rainwater towards your house’s foundation, thereby damaging it in the process. 

3. Hail

  • Roof Tile Cracks

There’s no denying that hailstones will easily crack tiles. Hailstones can also damage the protective coating that tiles possess to prevent any damage from the sun’s UV rays. 

  • Dents

If you have a metal roof, then hailstones can easily dent it. Those dents can then trap water and will thereby lead to roof leaks. 

4. Wind

  • Roof Tiles Being Dislodged

High-speed winds can easily dislodge the tiles present on your roof. Dislodged tiles will not be able to protect your roof from any damage, leaving the roof exposed to external weathering elements. 

  • Dislodged Or Loose Roof Gutters

In case your gutters have become old & loose, then high-speed winds will further dislodge them and thereby ruin your roof’s capability of draining rainwater. You’ll face risks of gutter blockages as well. Sometimes, the gutters could get bent from their original state.

That’s why it’s necessary to prepare your roof to tackle external weathering elements efficiently. For any roof painting needs, be sure to contact our experts today.