Major Defects That Are Commonly Found In Vacant Homes

It should come as no surprise that vacant homes will always turn out to be a buyer’s dream – mostly from the perspective of price and overall value. However, the reality is – vacant homes can easily suffer from a lot of different issues – some can be due to being unused while the other ones can be due to external sources.

So, if you’re a prospective buyer and want to purchase a new vacant home, then you need to know the defects that you can possibly find inside the same. Therefore, in this guide, we’ll help you know some of the main issues that are quite commonly found in vacant homes. 

Primary Problems That Are Found Inside Vacant Homes

  1. Leaks In The Plumbing System

According to professional services for a home inspection in Salt Lake City UT, plumbing leaks are one of the most common problems that can be faced inside vacant homes. If the home has been vacant for more than one season, then the plumbing system will definitely face issues. This is because the constant cycle of the hot and cold season will wreak havoc on the water supply lines, leading to broken pipes in the process. 

That’s why opting for a proper home inspection before you purchase a vacant home is extremely crucial. The home inspector will help you locate any plumbing issues or leaks, which can be then either repaired or replaced. 

  1. Sediment Building Inside Water Supply Lines

A build-up of sediments inside pipes that supply water to the home is another plumbing issue that’s common with vacant houses. It should be known that water supply lines that are made of steel or iron exhibit such kind of problems. As more sediments tend to get accumulated inside of the supply pipes, the flow of water gets reduced over time and the quality of water goes for a toss. 

It’s not possible to detect the build-up of sediments from the pipe’s exterior surface. However, any presence of rust or corrosion will tell you that there can be a sediment build-up. If such symptoms are detected, then the pipelines must be flushed, so that all the sediments could be cleared out.

  1. Household Appliances Not Working

Electronic appliances are designed to be used daily. They are not made to be stored away unused. Inside vacant homes, non-use of appliances is a common phenomenon, which is why it’s critical to check each appliance by a home inspector. Some of the most problematic appliances include the water heater, HVAC systems, refrigerators and dishwashers. 

Therefore, as a home buyer, you’ll need to ensure that the aforementioned issues are sorted out before you decide to invest in a vacant house