Microblading: How To Heal Safely And For Long-Lasting Results?

Microblading can enhance the appearance of your eyebrows. This semi-permanent makeup procedure is sometimes called “feather touch”. We apply a safe pigment to the eyebrows in small strokes.

Some post-appointment healing may be necessary because the procedure involves tiny cuts using a fine instrument. For the safety and longevity of your eyebrows, you will need to take care of them after the procedure.

How will your eyebrows feel after microblading?

The pigment may appear unnatural immediately after your appointment. Your microblading strokes may appear darker the next day. Flaking and itching may occur within the first seven days following the procedure. This is due to dry skin and the natural shedding of the eyebrows. Avoid scratching and picking as this can cause scabs to form prematurely, causing scarring or patchy results.

The whole healing process can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks depending on how old you are and how your body regenerates. These symptoms will not disappear quickly, but your eyebrows will experience several phases throughout the healing process.

Care for Your Eyebrows To Help They Heal

Apply the post-care cream to your skin with a cotton swab. After four days, wash your hands and gently rub it in. This can be done twice daily for seven days: once in the morning, and once at night. However, you should not use too much as your skin will need to heal.

You should wash your face around the treatment area, but not the eye. For the first week following your procedure, avoid the shower and take a warm, but not hot, bath. bath. Do not allow any water, lotion or soap to touch your eyebrows during this time.

Avoid these things for the next 14 days

  • Exercise that causes sweating and intense, such as playing or practicing sports.
  • Swimming
  • Hot saunas, hot tubs or jacuzzis
  • Sun tanning or salon tanning
  • Peelings and laser treatments
  • Retin-A and Glycolic acid creams applied to the treated area
  • Tasks related to heavy household cleaning, such as basement or garage cleaning where there is lots of airborne debris
  • Alcoholism can lead to excessive bleeding and slow wound healing.
  • Driving in open-air vehicles like bikes, convertibles and boats
  • Except for when you are rinsing off the ointment and touching the eyebrows,

Maintaining your Brows

You should continue to care for your eyebrows after the two week mark. If you plan to go outside, make sure your eyebrows are completely healed. The UV rays can accelerate the process of colour pigment loss.

Avoid the area around your healed eyebrows when applying foundation. Foundation that covers healed eyebrows can make them appear lighter. After your procedure, your eyebrows should look their best for about 30 days. You can help your eyebrows heal quickly and stay looking great for longer by being patient and following these instructions.