Oral Health Looking For Resources

Here is a list of resources that would be of use to health professionals

Berkshire Health Promotion Resources a free NHS lending and supply service for health promoting implants materials. Stocks many items on oral health clinic and most other family health subjects. The service also stocks our two Dental Health Activity packs we have put together – KS1 and KS2 versions. These packs contain activities, games, DVDs, models and play equipment all designed to help in teaching kids about dental and oral health.

The British Dental Health Foundation    

A UK-based independent charity working to improve the standards of oral health care. A range of oral health resources, from leaflets, models, posters, puppets, stickers, books, videos, cassettes and CD ROMS are available – see the online catalogue for details.

The Comic Company    

Their catalogue of health information resources are available online from

Dairy Council order free online:– Tiny wisdom Teeth(tooth), Tiny Tums SMA Leaflet – The Daily Diet Breakdown – available free of charge from Berhsire Health Promotion Food – a fact of life – Developed by the British Nutrition healthier eating in school;  contains interactive learning activities for children, as well as activity and information sheets;  supports healthy schools initiatives throughout the UK, e.g. Food in Schools, Hungry for Success, 5 A DAY.

The content is carefully tailored to the teaching emergency curriculum for 5- to11- year olds. The site provides interactive activities and information sheets for children to help them discover more about the food they eat.

Smiling for Life

This is a national programme aimed at improving the oral and nutritional health of 0-5 year old children, originally designed by the Health Education Authority, The programme is run locally. The objectives of the programme are: To raise awareness of the importance of oral and nutritional health amongst the children and group leaders  To encourage the adoption of written healthy snacks policies by the groups.  To encourage mothers to give their children a cup to drink from by one years old. 

British Dental Association

A CD rom teching aid developed by the British Dental Association and supported by Wrigley, the site uses the latest affordable technology to present dentistry in an  entertaining and interactive way.The best 3D mouth illustrates the condition of the mouth whitening at different stages of an individual’s life and demonstrates the development of various ailments as well as the application of treatments to  tackle them. Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures oral health education programme kit is designed to be used with Key Stage 2 primary school children.