My girls know to be excited for the box with the Pink Flamingo inside.  They know it is hours of fun.  This time Oriental sent me a gift card to order products in exchange for your honest review.  And to be honest it took me a bit to decide. My choices were Halloween Paper, Paper Plate Mask Kit, Door Knob Hangers, Picture Frames, Halloween Scratch Kit, Pumpkin Decorating Kit, Party Napkins and Halloween Cupcake Picks…

My 5 year old leaped at the Picture Frames…  They were very easy for her and she has done a few already.  Each little foam piece has sticky on the back and all she had to do was put them where she wanted.  The sticky was pretty forgiving and she was able to adjust two or three times. All the kids enjoyed the Halloween scratch kit.  The kid had Pumpkin, Ghost, Cat and Bat shapes covered with black paint including the sticks to scratch it with.  My oldest even got in on the action.  As you can see she is very creative and went with a spider design.

What did I do?  I did everything the kids did, but I wanted to do the Halloween Door Hanger first.  I liked the cute little shapes and figures. Each of the little shapes have adhesive tabs in back and stick pretty well.  Here is the completed Hanger… I know it is on the wall, but I wanted to admire it for a bit before I put it on the door, besides it was cold..  The girls moved to their next project and that was the Paper Plate Masks.  They are very cute and come with all the little pieces, including some spares.  With this project we had to use glue, I’ll admit I was spoiled by the sticky tabs.  It just required a little patience for the glue to dry.  Aren’t they cute?

All these items we made are kits and have more then one in each package.  I have used them for classroom projects before.  But they are also perfect for families like us with several kids.  Once the kids made the project each kit was designed for, they were free to move on to combining all parts for their own unique projects.