Out Of The Bathroom Box Organization

Whether you have a large family, share a bathroom with kids or roommates, or simply need a means to keep bathroom supplies organized, strategically working with the space you have will go a long way toward keeping things straight. So often we overlook creative solutions that already exist in the room in favor of lumping everything together behind the bathroom cabinet door or tossing it all under the bathroom vanity. But by going the extra step and creating a separate space for different items, you can eliminate wasted time and a significant amount of annoyance. Here are some simple tips for organizing your crowded bathroom and making sure it stays clutter-free for the long haul.

Just Hangin’ Out 

How many times have you tried to close the bathroom door only to find that you can’t because someone has draped their towel over the doorknob? Then when you take it off, you have no place to hang it because the single towel bar in the room is occupied, so it inevitably winds up on the floor or back on the doorknob, perfectly poised to frustrate the next visitor. Instead of engaging in this never-ending battle, hang hooks from a full-sized towel bar to create a place to hang multiple towels from a single bar.

*Tip: If you get hooks in different colors, you have a built-in mechanism for keeping an individual’s towel separated from the rest. Simply assign a color to each person and from that point forward, they will never have to wonder if they are indeed using their own towel!

Creative Containers

When you lack storage in the form of bathroom cabinets or a vanity, utilize unexpected containers like baskets to house items like extra toiletries, toilet paper and even clean towels and washcloths. Long, narrow baskets like this are perfectly shaped to perch atop your toilet tank, thus keeping them off the floor and within easy reach after a shower. For bathrooms with pedestal sinks (like this half-bath/powder room), storing extra rolls of toilet paper in a decorative basket and placing it next to the toilet ensures you always have what you need at hand and gives you an alternative to those flimsy toilet paper towers which force you to stack about three of them tops on a pole. This handled basket measures 9? tall x 9? wide x 15? long and easily contains 10 regular-sized rolls of tissue.

Keep ‘Em Separated

If you’re in the market for a bathroom remodel and your current bathroom fits the bill in the tight storage department, opt for a large dresser repurposed into a vanity. By using home décor pieces as bathroom furniture, you cover both bases: you have a stylish bathroom component complete with plenty of storage space in the form of separated drawers and cabinets. For multiple users, designate a drawer for each person and if you must share drawers, insert drawer organizers to keep an individual’s items compartmentalized. Use the larger base cabinets for storing linens and cleaning supplies.

*Tip: If you have only one base cabinet and need to store both linens and cleaning supplies inside, install an inexpensive tension rod at the top of the cabinet on the inside. You can use this to dangle your cleaning bottles (hook the handles or edges of the spray bottles over the rod) above and save the flat surface area for other items that need to stay grounded. In general, as long as everyone knows where they are to keep their personal effects and each person commits to respecting the others, you are well on your way to streamlining the clutter and keeping the peace in this room where we all spend so much of our time.

Do you have any simple bathroom storage solutions that have worked for you? 

Angelo DiGangi is a Home Depot sales associate in the Chicago area and writes regularly on bathroom decor for the Home Depot website. Angelo focuses on providing homeowners with vanity tips, as well as advice on everything from cabinets to bathroom sink options.