Know How to Prep your Home before Plastering the Interiors

Did you know that plastering your walls correctly and properly can ensure better-looking walls and enhance the longevity of the whole construction work? One of the essential tasks that need to be done before plastering your walls is clearing out all the furniture or covering them up appropriately. Before you hire professionals for your interior plastering, you should verify their background. You also need to ensure that the professionals have relevant work experience. Now, let’s glance at the essential preparation processes that are extremely important for an excellent-looking plastering service.

For plastering new building walls

For new building walls, professionals should apply plaster directly on the plasterboard. Talking about the preparation, the professionals need to prep up all the walls with a sand and cement coat before using the application. This primary coating is commonly known as a scratch coat. Once the plastering professionals in Auckland have successfully layered the scratch coat, the plaster skimming coat is applied. The finish layer should be free from any visual defects such as trowel marks or any fluctuation in the coating.

During the preparation, certain things need to be taken care of. For example, the plasterboard joints must be taped. At the same time, the professionals need to countersink the screw heads. You will see that during the pre-final stages, professionals are taking extra precautions by adding a crisp finish layer at the external corners.

Room preparation

For every plastering service, you must prepare the room beforehand to avoid mishaps and delays. Moreover, preparing the room makes it easy for the plasterers to work freely. Ensure all the furniture are either moved out of the room or are adequately covered with newspapers.

Preparing old plasterwork

If you need the professionals to re-plaster your old walls, you will also need to prepare them. First of all, you need to pull out any crumbling leftovers of old plasterwork. If there are wallpapers or posters stuck to the wall, you will have to remove or scrape them out. 

Plastering the old brick blocks

Although it’s uncommon for professionals to apply plaster on old brick walls or blocks directly, there are some cases in which this practice is still prevalent. This kind of plastering service is more like a patching job than the standard plastering service. 

You also need to ensure that the professionals assess the condition of the wall and fix necessary damages before re-plastering them.

Bonus: How much does plastering cost?

The cost of plastering services depends on the size of the area that needs to be covered. However, it’s best in mind to connect with experienced plasterers to help you with the estimates before you hire somebody.