Random Tuesday Thoughts  A B-Slapping Or Two

Why do things always happen when I try and set goals for myself.  One of my goals for the beginning of the year was to hit the Wii Fit hard, but no it had stop reading discs.  So I put in a work out DVD and the whole time all I wanted to do was was “B-slap” the lady in front of me.  So that particular video is going to be scrapped.  Right now the only Work out video that don’t frustrate me on one level or another is Billy.  So its gonna be a Tae Bo couple of weeks. Speaking of “B-slapping”.  My little beautiful bundle of joy has gotten to the aggressive stage in her life, you know experimenting with her emotions.  The past two mornings when she has waken up and I am getting her dressed, she proceeds to slap me.

I could swear I here her say “Susan!” after each blow.  Prior to that she was wielding her lovely but painfully heavy head at me, not on purpose, but head just happens to be in the way of her tizzy.  Twice I have seen stars.  Oh the sweet and not so sweet stages in a babies life. School starts on Monday for me and the hubby, so there will be a bunch of things on the blog that I am catching up on.  Just don’t want any reviews waiting for me to have time to complete them.

Thanks to the recession everyone and their uncles are trying to get classes.   One of my teachers emailed me, “hurry and get your books!  There are record numbers registering for classes and you may have trouble find your books.”  He was right.   So I ordered from Amazon not realizing that “Standard Shipping” meant 14 to 21 days.  Holy Cow!  They’re only books.  Plop it in the mail and get them to me.  A week should be more than sufficient for a book to arrive.  Now I am stressing that they won’t get her in time.

“Mommy Power!”  I believe in those two of words.  Because besides God and those words how else would I be able to go almost sleepless for days and clean up puke of plenty without creating more puke to clean. Oh Big Love is back on.  So begins the dreams (when I do sleep) that cause me to wake up choking my husband. I always dream he is trying to push a sister wife. Hey I like to share some things like house work, but THAT’S IT! LOL, he is always “What, What?”