Random Tuesday Thoughts : Better Start Slaying My Monsters

We have had fog all day yesterday and into the night.  Around 5 pm I looked out my kitchen window and could see a thick curtain of fog.  I continued with dinner  looked back, it was even closer and thick.  Well, I have apparently watched“The Fog” (the original buffy one) way too many times because I was a little weirded out by it and closed all the shades so I wouldn’t have to see it roll in.  We don’t get that kind of weather in Reno, in fact we hardly get snow, but we are buried in it. Normally it snows and we have to once run out at make our snowman before it all melts away. And fog?  Well we have that sometimes too,  in the morning,  it clears up an hour later but  not ALL DAY!

Much to my dismay, I had to go out in the fog to get milk from the garage’s fridge. Were I almost fell and broke my ARSE!!! There is so much slick ice on my front porch, grrrr.  All the snow has been melting off the roof and puddling right there.  I’d put dirt there, but I can’t find it.  The dirt is buried under 3 feet of snow, so I put salt down instead. We have the Christmas Show this Saturday in the town I grew up in.  My hubby will play a few Christmas songs and Other Soundtracks with his bro and my daughter wants to sing a couple of non Christmas songs “numb” and “gone away”.  While I was helping her practice the baby girl got on the mic and was just singing away the lyrics. I’ll try and record it this morning after she gets up and starts again.

It’s our 20th Anniversary tomorrow.  When I was a kid I thought 5 years sounded like a long time.  Partly because I had never known anyone at that time been married that long.  But now I am like that isn’t long at all, it is a blink of they eye.  Time sure has flown by.  If we get a babysitter I would like to share a little pasta or cruise with a soda…  Just talk to each other.  How I have taken for granted finishing a complete sentence.  Something not easily done with kids around. I am getting nervous, January I start school full time.  I feeling must be crazy, but I need to finish getting my degree.  For the first couple of semesters  my classes will be online and my husband will have one online as well.  I think we will be competing for the computer.  Boy would a laptop be nice right around than (wink wink). 

Whats with the laundry?

I mean really!  I have to do 3 loads a day to keep up.  My Laundry Monster (mentioned posts ago) has been rather naughty!  Its not like we walk around changing clothes all day. Grrr! You know what Christmas song has been stuck in my head, for like two days straight?  Walking in a Winter Wonderland, I love it, but I am sure the kids are more tired of Mom coming in and out of the song all day and night.