Random Tuesday Thoughts  My Wii Died

Do you know how hard it is to get on the computer when the whole family is home?  Every time I tried to sit down and write, I would be beckoned away..  They were like two lost loves, my fingers and the keyboard, waiting, yearning to be reunited. Oh I am so glad the Holiday Season is over.  I love it, really I do, but it was so busy and seemed like I couldn’t keep up. We had my boy’s 11th birthday party; camo themed.  It was a blast.  I painted the kids faces and they ran around the back yard and had Nerf Wars..  I tried to take pictures of their battle for you, but the shutter on my cell phone camera couldn’t keep up either.

The kids stayed up till the New Year rang in and passed out right after.  Oh those where the days.  Normally they pass out so we make sure to watch New York’s New Year just in case. Sunday began wrestling season for my son.  Its an all day event and luckily local so I can watch a few matches and take the baby home for a nap.  As much as I like watching my son’s  matches, its hard to enjoy.  We are all packed in a hot gymnasium like sardines.  Of course now I pack plenty of antibacterial supplies.  Why you ask?  Well, let me ask this…

What are the odds, in a small 4A gymnasium, filled spectators, kids and wrestlers my poor hubby would be sitting near the wrestler that ate way too much before a match and worked way hard during a match?  Apparently, the odds are very good because last year poor hubby had to run home and change clothes due to all the “projectile vomit” that headed is way.  So yea, I carry a lot of wipes and such.  Cause if that was me?  It would be a scene right out of Goonies, you know the one…  Where Chunk tells about the theater… Speaking of wrestlers, Woo Hoo @SugaRashadEvans!  Don’t scare me like that EVER again.  I screamed repeatedly, yelling at the TV when I thought you were going down and nearly woke up the babies.  We weren’t going to buy this one, but we had to watch and support (through subliminal vibes) one of our favorites.

I can’t believe it, my Wii died.  I didn’t realize how much I would miss it until it was gone.  I can’t blame the poor thing, it has been going hard since.  And than Momma got the Wii fit which put it to work even more.  Here we were thinking we would leave that one upstairs for when the kids played and find a deal on one so Momma could have it down stairs and build her work out library, but it was not to be true.  This puts a damper on my resolution to get in shape with the Wii.  I know there are other things to use, with the Wii I don’t notice I am working out and go longer and harder with it.