Roof Painters Auckland

Your roof is an important part of your property. It protects you from the elements. Your roof can be damaged by sun, rain, and frost. The paint layers may corrode and eventually fall apart. Concrete tiles can lose their protective glaze, which can cause them to appear dull and lifeless. This can also allow in moisture, which can lead to property damage. You need to make sure your roof is properly maintained to prevent water damage and leaks. You could end up paying a lot to replace your roof materials if you neglect this task for long periods. It will pay off in the long-term to spend a little more on maintenance than replacing your entire roof.


  • Pressure Wash (Clean Moss and Mould and Lichen).
  • Treat Rust (Grind, Neutralise, Seal Rust)
  • Restore Roof Structure
  • Any Bare Galvanized Iron can be primed
  • Use 2 or 3 Coats System


We can help choose from a wide range of tested colours for your roof. There are many colours to match all styles and homes. If you would like a complete colour chart, please contact us. A tip: Lighter to medium colors will last longer and attract less heat. You can trust our roof painters in Auckland who have been serving Auckland homes and offices for many decades.


Decorators is proud of their high quality work. We will meet with clients to discuss their requirements. Then, we will measure the area and give you a written estimate detailing the scope of work. There are many roof colors that you can choose from. If you need any suggestions, we will be happy to help. Friendly and professional Auckland roof painters will complete your project to your satisfaction. Our customers are proof of this! Check out our 100% ranking at No Cowboys.

We only use the most effective safety measures because we work at dangerous heights and on high pitches. Your life is at risk if you are hanging from your roof. Top roof painters in Auckland can complete your project quickly and efficiently. You can rest assured that we are fully insured in case of an emergency.