Secrets of Window Cleaning Straight from Experts

On a bright sunny day when you open your curtains, what do you like to see? A clean and spotless view of the outside world, people walking down the street, housewives performing their daily chores, vehicles bustling to reach their destination, animals filling up the place, and nature sprinkling its colors. But what you actually see over that window of yours? Paws of your pets, bugs having their meal from your leftovers, and your fingerprints as if you are at a crime scene and not your home! This is because you don’t know the right way to clean your windows. Read on to know the secrets of cleaning windows from the experts. 


Any job has its checklist of supplies to be used during the process. Window Cleaning Experts suggest that you follow this checklist and keep the tools and tackles handy. Get an apron from the kitchen, one that has many pockets so that you can keep useful cleaning apparatus in them. Gather cleaning utensils like a microfiber cloth, squeegee, cleaning solution, and detergent. Place all these things in your apron and find a ladder and an extending rod for cleaning heightened windows. Once you are done with stuffing all these tackles, get ready to have the best cleaning experience of your life. 

Start with Skill

Skillset is what differentiates an ordinary person from professionals. Specialists of window cleaning in Christchurch recommend that you must keep the procedure in mind to clean like a pro. If you are cleaning a heightened window, make sure you set up the stairs first and you keep your tackles with you before you climb up the stairs. Getting down for things repeatedly consumes your time. If you are cleaning at height, you must lay old towels so that the water and other liquids don’t skid your ladder. These little aspects are what separates professionals from ordinary folks and if you manage to follow these steps, you are close to achieving spotless and professionally cleaned windows. 

Clean with Course

Reach the window part you want to clean. Dip your microfiber cloth into the water and wet it thoroughly. Now, spread the cloth on the window and clean the window starting from sides and moving toward the center. Then, use your cleaning solution and sprinkle it generously all over the window. Let the solution settle on the window glass and wait for germs and dirt particles to melt into the solution. Then, use a water sprayer or a clean microfiber cloth to clean the window again. After drying up the solution and clean water, use glass condensing liquid to sparkle the glass and hide scratches.

If you manage to follow these steps, no one can stop you from having spotless windows.