Three Vital Factors To Consider When Selecting Exterior Paint Colours

The exterior paint colour of your home or business does matter when it comes to the overall aesthetics of your property. Choosing the ideal paint colour can help you net a couple of thousand more dollars when you decide to sell your home or make your business more attractive for the customers. But, most people become overwhelmed when it comes to selecting exterior paint colours because of the insane choice they have at their disposal. 

Hence, we have rounded up some of the most insightful tips & tricks that you can utilize to select the perfect exterior paint colour – either for your commercial space or residential property – courtesy of professional commercial painters in Auckland.

Recommendations To Follow When Selecting Exterior Paint Colours For Your Property

1. Proceed To Use Paint Samples (Not Just Printed Ones)

Even though printed paint samples can be a great way to obtain an overall idea of the paint colour after the paint has dried, looks can be deceiving sometimes, especially when certain paint colours are viewed in artificial lighting. 

So, when you decide to choose your exterior paint colour, it’s always essential to use the real paint samples instead of simply relying on the printed version. Moreover, you’ll never know what paint colour would look like on different surfaces. For instance, paint colours on stucco and brick will never look the same. 

The ideal way to know how a paint colour will look on the exterior of your property is by purchasing a small amount of the paint colours that you’re considering. Then proceed to apply the paints on a small area of the property – one in each direction – north, south, east & west. Observe the colours in both natural & artificial lighting. 

Furthermore, don’t forget to use your paint colours along with the desired trim colour, so that you can get an overall idea as to how they would look side by side. 

2. Factor In Your Neighbouring Properties

Doesn’t matter if it’s your home or commercial space – you need to look at the properties around you and then decide on the exterior colour scheme for your property. You don’t want your property to stick out like a sore thumb, which is why you need to factor in the colour scheme of your neighbouring properties. 

Pick the colour choices that will set your house apart but ensure that it doesn’t clash with the neighbouring properties. Instead, choose colours that complement your property. 

3. Inspect Your Exterior Paint Colour Choices In Different Lighting Conditions

Paint colours will not look the same in natural & artificial lighting, which is why it’s essential to inspect your paint colours in different lighting conditions so that you can get an overall view of the versatility of the colour selections. 

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