Significant Tips To Help You Maintain Your Rugs In Pristine Conditions

There’s no doubt that rugs are indeed an excellent investment to make. This is because they help in defining space within your home interiors, thereby creating artistry, beauty, elegance and a perfect home ambience. 

If you maintain your rugs on a daily basis, it’ll definitely speak a lot about you as a homeowner – ultimately affecting someone else’s perception about you. On the other hand, maintaining your beautiful rugs is definitely not an easy task to begin with, which is why we are going to share some much-needed tips & tricks for the same. 

Methods To Maintain Your Rugs In The Best Possible Manner

  1. Always Rotate Your Rugs

Even though experts suggest that rugs must be changed every year or two, it’s always a better idea to rotate your home rugs every month. This is because the rug that is being used on a high-traffic area will have even wear & tear throughout its lifetime, thereby needing to be replaced frequently. 

  1. Don’t Expose Your Rugs To Direct Sunlight

In case you definitely want to maintain the overall appearance of your rug throughout its lifetime, it’s suggested that you should avoid putting it out in direct sunlight as much as you can. This is because direct sunlight can make the dyes inside the rug to fade away slowly and unless you want to enjoy that pre-mature fading, it’s better to keep your rugs under a cool shade for drying. 

  1. Try Flipping The Rug Once In A While

If your rug is dual-sided and can be used, either way, you can proceed to regularly flip it so that the wear & tear gets evened out mostly. 

  1. Perform Regular Vacuuming

As a homeowner, you might already know that rugs do require regular vacuuming, just like your good old carpet. Vacuuming prevents the rug fibres from getting damaged over time. Therefore, vacuuming is vital for rug cleaning in Brisbane

  1. Cleaning On The Spot

If you spill any type of liquid on your rug, the same must be cleaned up immediately because rugs have a tendency to develop stains if spilt drinks are not cleaned within a stipulated time. For cleaning your rugs, you can either proceed to perform DIY methods or go ahead and call a professional to do the same for you. 

  1. Leaving It Out To Dry

It’s recommended that if your rug gets wet due to any spilt liquid, make sure to leave the rug out to dry so that there is no such built-up of moisture. Moisture build-up can lead to the growth of moulds & mildews.

Lastly, ensure that you use a rug protectant at all times to protect your rugs from stains and thereby keep the rug fibres fresh.