Soft washing in Ottawa

We use a soft wash method to safely remove dirt and stains from types of vinyl, aluminium, wood patios and concrete in your home or business.

This technique uses chemicals and low pressure rather than pressure. This technique is safer and produces better results.

Pressure washing in ottawa companies use excessive pressure, damaging surfaces and infiltrating water. We will typically apply mildew and mould-killing solution to the area that requires cleaning. After letting it sit for a while, we rinse the surface with low pressure to kill any remaining mould and mildew.

We will clean your house with soft washing in Ottawa…

What’s the difference between pressure washing Ottawa and soft washing?

Soft washing has many benefits that aren’t associated with pressure washing Ottawa. These are just some of the many benefits that soft washing Ottawa can bring to your home.

Increase the curb appeal of your property without destroying it

Our team of professional cleaners can help you increase the value of your building. This will make the building look cleaner and more attractive. Clean buildings will be a benefit to your business. It’s a place customers and employees will love to visit.

Pressure washing Ottawa is a great way to clean cement surfaces, but it shouldn’t be used in your home. If it gets under the siding, a high-pressure wash can cause damage to insulation and electrical wires. A high-powered pressure washer can also damage vinyl siding and aluminium. Contact our soft washing company today to enhance your property’s curb appeal and prevent damage.

Vinyl siding can be soft washed with

Avoid the need for repairs

Soft washing Ottawa services have another advantage: it prevents the need for repairs.

Mildew, bird droppings, and dirt accumulation can not only be unsightly but also cause damage to your walls. Your walls will begin to deteriorate if you don’t clean them regularly.

While pressure washing Ottawa will remove dirt, it can also cause damage to your property due to the high water pressure. A soft wash is the best option to clean your property without damaging it.

Lasts longer

Soft washing in Ottawa can last much longer than regular pressure washing. We are killing bacteria and mildew right at the source. It will take much longer for the bacteria and mildew to grow back on any surface we clean.

You always get more bang per buck.