Special Message Your Child’s Early Learning Educators Have for You!

Parenthood is a crazy journey. We call it more a roller coaster ride. You start your day with a cute toothless smile and sunshine and have to deal with a great fuss till noon arrives. While the afternoon naps are more of a tug of war, the play time seems so heavenly, and the bedtime leaves you gasping for breath after the tiresome convincing! Well, we understand the tough times, but no one said it’s going to be easy! But don’t worry, you’ll be fine. And of course you have the support of your child’s early learning centres too.

What the educators of your child’s learning centre has to say to you?

You probably got your child enrolled in the best early learning centre in Melbourne like Kids & Co. They are truly awesome in caring and educating your child and ensure that they develop as better individuals under their care and your parenting. But yes, they have something to say to you which will help them to achieve this motive better.

  • Establish a proper routine for your child — Establishing and following a proper routine is so very important. Your child should know basically when it’s time to wake up, sleep, eat, play, and study. This helps them understand the value of time and evolve as leaders in punctuality and time management.
  • Play is essential — The educators complain that most of the parents are more concerned as to how the kid studies than asking about their other activities like playing and sports. That is why they are requesting you to prioritise playing and keep a separate schedule for the same in your child’s daily timetable. They should enjoy themselves with their friends so that they know how important socialising is.
  • Your tone matters — Most of the time you instruct the child something and the kid does exactly the opposite! Why? Well, perhaps because your tone of instruction was wrong. Like instead of shouting at your kids asking them to stop yelling, you can strictly but softly instruct the child to not to scream. (The kid was obviously more encouraged to scream when he/she heard you yelling at the top of your voice!) That’s how your tone matters. And the educators request you concentrate on the tone when talking or dealing with your child.
  • Always praise the smallest efforts — At the end of the day, your kid is a little one. It takes time to learn, understand, and do anything new at this age. So, when your child does anything even slightly great, you should praise the child. That’s the strategy the educators at the learning centre do and expect you to do the same. This brings a lot of positivity in the child. And along with praising you can even reward the child with a nice treat when the efforts are really good and their work is exceptional.

You may call these some golden parenting tips. But these are the special requests or messages that your educators from your child’s early learning centre want you to understand for the betterment of your child and their right future.