Super Stylish Kitchen is Just a Colourful Upgrade Away!

They say the way to a person’s heart goes through his tummy! And we believe that any home’s heart is its kitchen. Because that’s where you prepare all the delicacies, pouring your love with the ingredients and even enjoy the family meal here. This means, most of your time when in the house is spent in the kitchen. So, if this space exudes positive vibes, then even if you are preparing a meal for hours, it doesn’t burden you emotionally, or make you feel confined (being there). That’s the magic of a vibrant, nicely decorated kitchen.

But most of the time, we aren’t aware of this charisma of a well decorated kitchen. And that’s the reason it’s left in the old, traditional way with the old paint for years. This actually can be really depressing for the one who’s working here, and also the ones having the food in this area. A kitchen deserves to be as gallant and attractive as any of your other rooms! And thus, decorating it doesn’t need an excuse.

Get the Best-Looking Kitchen with a Splash of Colours!

Let the appliances and technology stay aside. Apart from it, do you know what charms up a kitchen? It’s paints! Yes, attractive colours are the game changing factors in your homes if the task is done by good house painters. In Auckland, R.M.C. Painting Ltd can handle all your painting and renovation work at competitive rates in the best way. And for the right choices of colours, read the varieties available below:

1. Go for a Single Colour on a Particular Area — It’s ok to choose a uniform colour for the entire cooking area and another one for the dining one. It may be a dark or light shade of any trending hue like blue, green or brown. Though plain, the kitchen can look vibrant if the paint job is done neatly.

2. Pair two shades of the Same Colour — If you love a specific colour more and are confused about the right shade of it, why not try both! Be it dark or light peach or the lighter and darker shades of yellow, or even cream for a traditional look, or display the modern hues of violet and indigo in your kitchen.

3. Go for the basic white — Whites are basic and can be anything but boring! If you have the love of white in you, fix the same for the cabinets, cupboards, walls and even the dining table for imparting a spacious look to your alluring kitchen. Tone on tone stencilling can create drama here.

4. Keep the Cabinets as the Showstopper — Instead of giving the walls all the attention, you can try gifting the cabinets some glamour. You may paint them all a neon yellow and highlight one or two with a contrasting hue like say royal blue or tangerine. You may also consider going gaga over colours and paint each cabinet door a different colour. But in that case keep the backdrop a very neutral and sophisticated ivory.

5. Try a Clashing Combination — Opposites make the best pair! Even in kitchen paints. How about going for taupe and tangerine in wall paint and cabinet shade respectively? Even sombre hues of green and pink are opposites, but can look fabulous together. This would give your kitchen a contemporary look.

Apart from these, you can try giving your ceilings a distinct paint and keeping the walls plain. Or try some Mediterranean or rustic ideas wall texture using paints. The idea is to play freely with colours and have the best-looking kitchen with a pleasant feel.