Supporting Other Moms End Mommy Wars

I grew up raised by a single parent with my younger brother who was six years younger then me.  My Mom worked many jobs, sometimes more then one at a time, sometimes at the worst hours.  I was alone a lot with strangers or caring for a little brother and lonely, I always wanted more siblings.  This I am sure is one reason I have always dreamed of having a large family.  When imagining my futuThe Sisterhood of Motherhoodre included larger family gathers around the dinning table during the Holidays.  We eat, laugh and have fun.

My dream has come true, we have our large family of 8 and I couldn’t be more grateful.  Sometimes I get compliments, sometimes I get inappropriate remarks and sometimes I get out right judged.  Here is a small example of things I hear and experience. When looking at a potential house to rent, the person showing us the house looked concerned and said, “Wow, you guys are like the Brady Bunch!”  The house was perfect, soI called everyday for two weeks trying to submit an application, but they never returned my calls.  

This has happened often, potential landlord’s facial expressions change negatively the minute the hear the size of our family. When at a store buying a pregnancy test, the cashier says, “Don’t you think you have enough kids?” When playing at the park and pushing one of the girls on the swing a Mom next to me says, “I hate people like you who have so many kids when I have struggled to have one.”  I feel bad for those that struggle to have children, because I know what a blessing it is.  I also know what it is to see your baby on the ultrasound with no heart beat, I have felt loss too.

When trick or treating in our neighborhood my neighbor looks at my kids and says to me,  “Oh you poor thing.” So do I feel judged?  All the time.  Does it bother me?  Yes.  No one knows how having this large, wonderful, crazy, family has filled my heart.  I know that they will always have each other.  It is not a burden, it is a blessing. Do I judge?  No, because it isn’t my place to judge but to encourage and help other Moms.  That is why I joined the The Sisterhood of Motherhood.  They launched in January of this year and have worked with other bloggers to encourage parents to support each other for their parenting efforts.  It is about one thing right?  Raising Happy Healthy Babies!