T20 Tassimo Brew Bot Review

It is a T20 Tassimo BrewBot.  It came with the BrewBot of course and to packages of coffee.  One is Starbucks® cappuccino and one package of Gevalia signature blend; I’ll talk more about the types of coffee later. There are different models like the LCD Premium T65, the Tassimo Suprema, the Tassimo Home Brewing sytem and the T20 which I have been reviewing. They also have Tassimo brewers for your office. I  pulled the brew bot out of its box and followed the “initial use” instructions.  It was easy and I was ready to brew.

I was ready to brew some cappuccino…

Slipped off the water tank (makes it sound big and cumbersome but it isn’t) filled it to the “max line” and slide it back on the brewer… Grabbed an espresso T disc and placed it face down in the brew – It has a reader that reads the bar code on the discs so it knows what to do… Pushed the lid down, pushed the start button and watched it brew… Took out the used espresso T disc and put in the Creme T dish…Now it is time for me to enjoy a cup…  I already shared with hubby… This one is mine. 

This machine is simple to use with great results.

My favorite flavor so far is Starbucks® cappuccino and that runs $10.99 per package (prices vary as does the variety of flavors).  That is not a bad price, we would have to pay $3 to $5 per cup at our local StarBucks®.  To find your T Discs order online or search the locater for a store in your area. As far as varieties go, they have coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino, latte, espresso, iced coffee and milk creamer. There are several brands available as well:Carte NoireGevalia KaffeJacobsKencoMaxwell House Cafe CollectionMastro LorenzoNabobSeattle’s.

Best Coffee®Starbucks®SuchardTassimoTazo®Twinings®Milka I searched myself and found our local Target and Lowe’s carries the Tassimo discs I like, so I will be sure to pick up more packs when I go there.  If you would rather have it delivered to your home, they do that as well.  You can order as needed or join their Direct Delivery program.

If you purchase a Tassimo, double check…  It may come with two different packs.  The registration card that came with my Tassimo said once we register our machine they’ll send us two free packages of T discs.  For some reason I haven’t been able to do that, maybe because mine was for reviewers, who knows. In any case, I have very much enjoyed this machine.  I get the coffee, in my case cappuccino, that I love except I am the barista… (well my BrewBot is, ssshhhh).

Tatum, our giveaway winner, will be enjoying her coffee soon.

DISCLOSURE – I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.  I received a T20 for review purposes and my honest opinion.  I did receive the information to offer a giveaway to my readers.  Please read Momma Young at Home’s full disclosure here.Share and Enjoy: