Technology As Your Teacher Modern Options For Getting Your Little Ones To Brush And Floss

You struggle with it every day. How do you get your kids interested in something like brushing their teeth? They barely want to put the brush in their mouth. Well, believe it or not, some parents have figured out the secret to getting it done. And, it’s not as hard as you might think. What they do it, they use apps and special toothbrushes to help get their kids involved in the process. Once they do this, it’s pretty easy. Here’s how you can do the same.

Kiddie Brushes

You want kid brushes to do the work for you, right? It’s much easier than trying to logically convince kids that brushing is a good move for their health and longevity. They’re kids after all. Some brushes are musical, while others have timers. Some have both. Since kids aren’t too good with self-awareness, you want a brush that gently guides them into brushing intelligently. Now, if your child gets bored easily, or just doesn’t like brushing because it’s boring or for some other reason, try using a toothbrush that plays music. Sounds almost too simple, but most kids love music. And, toothbrushes that play music, usually play a little ditty that lasts for about 2-3 minutes — long enough to get the job done. You can also get a toothbrush that just has a timer, if your child doesn’t need (or want) the music for some reason. And then there are the apps.

Tiny Dentist App

This app is made by Gametects and is one of the more fun ways invented that gets kids involved in their oral hygiene. It teaches children what goes on during dental treatment. Children get to treat each patient in the app, so they have a better understanding of the process, and what can happen to teeth. Problems range from regular cleaning to fixing some pretty bad breath, and even tooth extractions (hey, it’s a reality). Some “patients” in the app need fillings or advanced procedures like teeth whitening and dental implants. Why teach kids all this? Because they’ll need to know at some point. And, an app like this respects their developing minds, and intelligence by not sugarcoating things. And, when it is time to go to the dentist, you can get low-cost basic services from dentists sourced from Carefree Dental.

Virtual Dentist App

The Virtual Dentist, by ModiFace, is made for children who are a little bit older. What you can do with this app is upload photos of yourself or use pre-installed ones to see what various procedures look like before and after the procedure is done. It’s great for kids and adults to see what they might look like if they needed to get something like bracers, or maybe a retainer, caps, crowns, or a bridge. You can save the results and then share them with friends.

The Brusheez Tooth Brushing Timer

This is a standalone timer made by Shondicon. In many ways, this will probably work better for younger kids than a toothbrush with a built-in timer. Why? Because you can customize up to two characters in the free version and it’s brush-agnostic. So, if your child has a brush that they really like, they don’t have to get rid of it just to get the benefits of brushing. If your own ankle-biter is missing baby teeth, then you can make their character match, which is not only cute, but helps the child connect with the timer. You can also adjust brushing time to more or less than 2 minutes. Many parents want their child to be able to floss and brush. And, since flossing should take about 2 minutes, and brushing should take another 2 minutes, it makes sense that you’d want to increase the timer to about 4 or 5 minutes.

The Disney Magic Timer

This is a great one for Disney fans. It’s a collaboration between Oral B and Disney. Your child selects their favorite features and characters from marvel Comics or Disney, and then the type of toothbrush they want. The app shows them a technique demo, and a 30-second reminder to switch mouth quadrants. It also gives them a new Disney-themed image during the two minute brushing period. You can also plug in more features if you’re willing to use Oral-B products and scan them into the app.


This is one of the few applications that are fun to use for both kids and adults. The website and YouTube videos focus on education and various aspects of prevention and good brushing habits. The app helps you put everything together, get your 2 minutes of brushing in, and makes it fun. And, it also helps remind you of when you need to visit the dentist again. Abby Watts works as a physician’s assistant. She loves sharing her insights on general health and wellness. Her posts are available on a number of health and wellness blogs.