Things to do with Your Old Electrical Wires

Normally wires are everywhere around us! Sometimes behind your television set, at times in front of your yard, and even below the bedside lamp area! These are even accepted at such locations if they are working and helping in getting you your electrical connections. But imagine if they are old and discarded? Would they still look good lying around in the place? So, isn’t it wise that after your home renovations, you put those wires to some use?

How can you use the old electrical wires?

If you check the research, you will find that there is an unending pile of such discarded old wires at the junkyards which can harm the environment if they are burnt or even kept in the same position. That is why if you can make creative and functional use out of them, then the Earth would really thank you for this. So, after your electrician in North Shore Auckland from Wisdom Electrical finishes the job of replacing the old wires with the new by doing an accurate and perfect electrical job in your home, follow the below steps to make full use of the discarded wires:

1.Sell them

Today, there are lots of apps that let you sell your used or pre-used items. So, now when you don’t require your cables and wires anymore, you can always sell them at lesser rates. You are sure to get some good money out of them and they would come to some use. It’s a petty win-win situation.

2. Reuse them

There are a lot of old wires and cords which you can always use once again in your house. Like — if you have charging wires and extensions, you can utilise these as USB connections for your gadget. Even the discarded wires from your indoors can be utilised in the exterior side of your house or in the basement. Just ensure that these are in safe conditions and don’t have a crack in them.

3. Recycle them

Just like the apps for resellers, you’ll also find some of these that guide you to the recyclers. There are thousands of such recycling companies who accept such old wires to utilise the lead, aluminium, and copper from them and use them elsewhere.

4. Donate them

Donation of the old wires is also a great way to utilise them. There are lots of institutions that can’t afford a proper lighting system because of the lack of funds required for the new wires and connections. Imagine if you can fulfil their needs through your donated old wires! Won’t it be really great?

5. Upcycle them

U cycling is basically creating best out of waste! So, you can think of some really good and attractive yet useful items that can be made using these old wires. Some of the examples of these are making jewellery out of old wires, art pieces, and wall hangings, and so on.

You are really wise, creative, and caring if you think of trying to reuse your old wires. After all, you are doing a noble job of saving the earth in this way and such people are what the planet needs today.