Tile Pairing 101: Learn to Choose Your Tiles Wisely!

Your home speaks for you, of you! Right from the style of architecture you opt for to the colours of the paints you use, from the kind of backyard you have to the type of tiles on the floor, each of them clearly gives a shout out about your preferences and choices. And some even about your mistakes and misfit decisions! Yes, as an informed decision and the selection of the right décor item beautifies your home, while mistaken, wrong decision can spoil its look, and affect its longevity too!

Calculating the money you put in to do all these, and the result one wrong decision can bring you, the idea is scary. That is why it is important to be very thoughtful and clear when choosing the items for your home décor. Especially, the tiles! These can take up a vast expanse of your home. If your tiles aren’t impressive, forget about your home exuding any charm either. 

Be calculative, smart and choose the best tiles for your home!

It’s not everyday you browse through the vast collection of reputed designer tile producers suppliers in Melbourne, Ceramic Tile Imports, to choose exquisite and extraordinary tiles for your home. But when you do, ensure you have all your required calculations ready, and the image of your home clear. This will help you choose the perfect tile for your home. Sounds difficult? We don’t think so!

Walls or floors — The very first thing to make clear is where you exactly want to see the tiles — on the walls or on the floor? Choosing for both the areas and even one of them is extremely fine. You can take your time deciding upon it and then start exploring the types of tiles for each of them.

Did you get the measurements? — You don’t want to be in a fix by purchasing larger tiles for smaller rooms and vice versa! Get your measurements perfectly. That would also give you an idea about how many units you need to purchase. Make a separate list of each room and area, calculate the total area and accordingly chose the shape and size of the tile you desire.

Picture the colours around — You may have decided a certain colour theme for the rooms. Visualise the design and colour that would gel with them the best! You can play around the same colours, or go for a stark contrast – if you can execute it correctly, your space would look ravishing!

Select the kind of tile that would suit the area — Are you looking for outdoor tiles?  Or are you shopping for the bathroom ones? Or you simply want tiles in the kitchen? Even the tiles in the bedrooms would be different from that in the living room. Talking of kitchen, the tiles you use for backsplash wouldn’t be the same you may use for the countertop. Decide keeping in mind the salient feature of each space and tile options, and pick the most suitable type of tile for that particular area (and functionality).

Did you see the price? — No matter how beautiful the tile is, if it is exceeding your budget, you’ll have to look away! We know it is heartbreaking, but money matters! Better choose from the collection that fits your budget! You shall be bowled over by the plethora of options offered at every price range.   

Tiles have to power to beautify the entire space gracefully. Choose with care to enjoy their true potential.