Tips For Choosing The Best Trim Colour

Choosing the perfect trim colour for your home interiors can prove to be a challenging task. It doesn’t matter what colour you’ve chosen for your wall because your trim colour should either match that wall colour or look contrasty. The objective should be to create a stunning yet cohesive look. 

Therefore, in this extensive blog post, we’ll be sharing everything you need to know about choosing the ideal trim colour so that you can make the most out of your new paint job.

Suggestions For Selecting The Ideal Trim Colour

1. Know The Trim Colour Combinations

According to well-known house painters in Auckland, the ideal way to approach trim colour is to select a colour that will make your entire room look great. You must remember that trim is usually used to create an accent and not dominate the existing colour choices inside a room. Using the ideal trim colour can surely add elegance & style to the interior walls of the home and thereby uplift the mood of your home interiors to a whole new level. 

The trim colour can be either contrasting or complementary to the existing wall colour. This is because the trim colour provides a sense of harmony when it comes to the overall relationship of the wall colours. Most people choose trim colours that act complementary to the main wall colour, such as darker/lighter shades of:

  • Natural wood
  • White
  • Cream
  • Stain
  • Black

In case your walls are painted in a bold & dominant colour, then using a lighter trim colour such as white or any other light colour, will prove to be the best option. However, since white comes in different shades, the same can act as contrasting or complementary to the wall colour. 

Darker trim colours such as black are typically utilised to accent or make certain features of your home stand out – such as doors & windows. 

2. Pick A Colour Scheme That Stays Consistent Across Your Entire Home Interiors

Since your trim colour will remain the same throughout your entire home interiors, you must use a consistent colour scheme to give your home a unison look. 

3. Choose The Ideal Paint Type

Once you’ve chosen the perfect trim colour of your choice, the next step would be to pick the ideal paint type. We suggest picking a semi-gloss paint type because it’s the most durable type out there and will be very easy to clean later on. Such a paint type is essential when used inside high-touch areas such as living rooms & kitchens. 

Moreover, semi-gloss is quite reflective, which means that the paint will make good use of the room’s lighting conditions. 

Lastly, don’t forget to contact us for any home interior painting assistance.