Tired Of Your Hair Get Out Of Your Style Rut With These Top Tips

Us women are spoiled for choice when it comes to our hair. We can grow it, cut it, colour and style it, but even then it can be easy to get bored of our hair. Many of us can get into a style rut with our hair because we are scared new styles won’t suit us or that dyeing it a different colour won’t look right. This can cause many women to don the same hairstyles for decades which over time can make them look outdated. So if you’re tired of your hair and need confidence boost, use these simple tips that could transform your look.

Add extensions

If you think extensions should only be worn if you want to add length to your hair, then you are very much mistaken. While they are fantastic to adding inches onto your hair, they can also make your hair feel thicker and look more voluminous. So even if you have waist length hair, you could benefit from them. come in more styles than ever before, from tight curls to poker straight.They are also available in a spectrum of colours which can match your hair or create an ombre effect.These can be quickly clipped in and worn comfortably throughout the day. You may have to get your hairdresser to cut them for you so they look more natural, but they can take your hair from drab to fab in an instant.

Experiment with different styles

When you have some spare time on a weekend or an evening, why not experiment with some new styles. The only way you will ever know if they suit you is if you try. Look on Youtube and beauty blogs for hair tutorials that show you how to create different styles, step by step. They may take some time to master but practising with new techniques will make you more confidence in your abilities. Start with simple styles to begin with that you can wear to work or on a date night. Then experiment with more challenging styles to push yourself further. You may find the signature during this process, so it’s definitely worth doing.

Accessorise your hair

If you’re still uncomfortable with changing your hair, why not invest in some fabulous accessories instead.bands, flowers and slides are just some of the thousands of accessories you could use to add some interest to your hair. This can add some personality and flair to your hairstyle without having to cut or colour it. Again, you will have to practise and experiment with positioning beforehand.Even a small jewelled hair clip can make your hair look new and improved. Just remember that less is more. Otherwise, your style may seem childish and messy. Getting out of a hairstyle rut does not always have to involve dramatic change. Many of the tips included in this guide are minor but can breathe new life into your hair. So give these a try and see your confidence go sky high.