Toe Sucking Day

Yesterday was a very busy toe sucking day.  It started out running the teenager to school early and taking the rest of my tribe to the store for some groceries.  We took way too long so we raced home and my little man helped me unload.  We were about to head to school when I remembered I had to take Dakota to the Vet.

Did I mention it sprinkled while we were at the store?  Yea and Dakota loves the mud.  So I grabbed him and tried to clean him up the best I could.  Apparently I didn’t clean him good enough because as soon as I put him in the truck, he got excited and hopped on the seat leaving some lovely little paw prints.  We have only had him for two weeks and he is a nervous pooch outside the house (more for another post.)

I raced the kids to school (driving the speed limit of course) where I proceed to indulge them with embarrassing kisses and I love you’s.  We head off to the Vet’s office. We arrived at the vet when I see my baby girl has yet again removed her socks and shoes.  I finally get her attired properly and firmly affixed on one hip.  I get Dakota out of the truck where decides wrapping the leash around Mommies legs would be fun.  Oh did I mention my unborn baby feels like about 20 pounds already.

We get inside to the Vet to find several pooches in there already and trying to teach each other who can bark loader.  Dakota did great until the Vet’s assistant tried to talk to him.  He thinks “if I get as low as possible to the ground, maybe she won’t see me.”  Long story short, he is doing so much better.  We only need to get 5 more pounds on him, get his shots caught up and neuter him.  It’s all worth it because his the sweetest most loving dog.  Except he has lost his mind and refuses to get in the truck.  So while holding the 20 month old and unborn, I lift him in.  “Ouch” says my back….

Got home finish unloading groceries.  Fed baby and my man his lunch.  Put baby to bed.  Give my muddy dog a bath.  Clean the tub.  Clean his muddy paw prints off the kitchen floor and sliding glass windows..  Shwoo, I am done… Wrong… My oldest has her softball tournament to do.  We have to leave at 430 to get there by 5.  I pack up for an hour and a half game in the cold for baby and two kids (hubby is competing in a blues contest and can’t make it). We get there all is going as well as can be expected considering the kids are bored out of their minds, hungry (they ate all the snacks) and now we are in extra innings. Baby girl decides “that’s it” and proceeds to sucking her toes